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(E) Demise of Yugoslavia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/17/2002 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Demise of Yugoslavia
Letters to the Editor 
Los Angeles Times 
Los Angeles, CA 
Dear Editor: 
Re: "Yugoslavia No More" (3/15/02), - Of all the nationalities that once 
comprised former Yugoslavia, it will only be the Serbs who will feel 
regrets at its demise. After all, it was the Serbs who ruthlessly dominated 
over everybody else ever since the ill-conceived country was cobbled together 
after WWI , against the wishes or chance to vote by the Croats and Slovenes. 
Originally called "The Kingdom of Croats, Serbs and Slovenes" it was soon 
renamed "Yugoslavia" and ruled by royal dictatorship of Serb king Aleksander. 
As a bizarre footnote to history, Yugoslavia had its beginnings with a 
Serb national assassinating the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife 
during their visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia, and ended with the aggression by 
Serbia against its neighbor republics Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia. Let's 
hope this is the last we will see of the Serb troublemaking in this world! 
Hilda M. Foley 
13272 Orange Knoll 
Santa Ana, Ca. 92705 
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