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(E) Letter to Wall Street Journal
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/19/2002 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Letter to Wall Street Journal
Re: "Anti-Terrorism Requires Nation Building," by Matthew Kaminski, Op-Ed, 
March 15, 2002 
To the Editor: 
Matthew Kaminski makes a compelling argument concerning the US military's 
role in stemming Islamic fundamentalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina. However, he 
fails to address what is necessary for the successful conclusion of America's 
mission in that country. 
The primary problem remains an unwieldy administration which provides often 
contradictory rights to the three constituent nations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 
the Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks. The current government structure 
specifically fails to properly assure equal rights to political and cultural 
development for all three of its peoples. 
The Croats in this regard have been the big losers. The majority of Croats 
in the country have concluded that they have no stake in the country, 
something that is necessary for the stability of Bosnia-Herzegovina. 
As pointed out by a senior Bosnian-Herzegovine diplomat in WSJE on October 
12 (V.M. Raguz, "Now There Another Reason to Seek Peace in the Balkans"), a 
new plan for long term stability is what NATO now needs -- a plan that would 
craft uniform collective rights to the still unhappy groups in the region, 
such as the Croats. 
Mr. Kaminski rightly notes that Bosnia- Herzegovina's unity is a 
prerequisite to stability. However, such unity cannot occur without uniform 
institutions equally protecting and promoting the interests of Croats as 
well as Serbs and Bosniaks. 
Very truly yours, 
John Peter Kraljic 
President, National Federation of Croatian Americans 
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