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(E) Harrison Flowers - Letter to the editor
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/23/2002 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Harrison Flowers - Letter to the editor
"When her husband, a photojournalist, is listed as missing in Serbo-Croatia, Sarah Lloyd (Andie MacDowell) ignites with purpose. Devoted to Harrison (David Strathairn) and their family, she decides to find him, with only her love and emotional resources to help her." 
-- Desson Howe, Weekend 
Dear Editor, 
I found this film review from Mr. Howe. Although I love the movie it is very difficult to watch the war as it really looks like one. My admiration to the director. What puzzles me and what I am offended by is this new country created by Mr. Howe. Serbo-Croatia. This town is called Vukovar. It is in CROATIA and it always was in Croatia. 
1. He should take lessons in geography or 
2. Take some lessons in ethics or both. 
I have been little bit sarcastic, but please let know Mr. Howe that we who are Croatians and especially us 3 million strong, Croatian Americans, who live in this country will not put up with this provocation. By law, you have to print correction. And it is more then the right word. It is all the feelings that go with it. Our homeland went through a horror of war and our wounds are still fresh and opened. In 20 years or so, such a typo will not get so much attention. I believe that he didn't have any wrong intentions, but simply didn't check the facts. Otherwise his righting is good. 
And thank you for publishing the review of the film. 
The other review by Michael O'Sullivan as well published in your newspaper copied below quotes:"listed as missing in Croatia, Sarah Lloyd (Andie MacDowell) ". Proper location. 
Nenad Bach, 
Irvington, New York 
HARRISON'S FLOWERS (R, 122 minutes) -- When her husband (David Strathairn), a photojournalist, is listed as missing in Croatia, Sarah Lloyd (Andie MacDowell) decides to find him, with only her love and emotional resources to help her. She enters hell, enlisting help from two of Harrison's fellow photographers, Kyle (Adrien Brody) and Stevenson (Brendan Geeson). The film follows the familiar pattern of many a missing-person movie. But it's a solid 'B,' a workmanlike drama, based on the experiences of former photojournalist (and coscriptwriter) Isabel Ellsen. MacDowell enjoys her best movie performance. And war is made evocatively horrifying, thanks to production designer Giantito Burchiellaro and digital effects by Stephane Bidault. Contains war atrocities, obscenity and sexual scenes. Area theaters 
-- Michael O'Sullivan 
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