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(E) WorldPress Review - Letter to the editor
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/18/2002 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) WorldPress Review - Letter to the editor

WorldPress Review article onCroatia

I doubt Zagreb-based journalists provide reports about events inSerbia.

The author of the rather disengenuous WorldPress Review article on Croatia, Ms. Katarina Subasic, is the
Belgrade Correspondent for Agence Free Press. A fellow of the US-based Freedom Forum media support institute,Ms. Subasic unfortunately appears to be unable or unwilling to avoid ethnically opinionated writing. It is
also not fair on the part of WPR to have a reporter from a formerly aggresive neighbor to treat this very
sensitive ethnic relations issue in Croatia. I doubt Zagreb-based journalists provide reports about events in

In a previous article Subasic tried to persuade the outside world that the fall of Milosevic saw a complete
turnaround of the Serbian media from one of state mouthpiece to one of full independence. This is of course
nonsensee nor does that kind of advocacy reporting contribute to genuine media democratic reform in Serbia.
It does hoever evince that tiresome and recognizeable Serbian habit of trying to deny Serbian guilt for the
horrors of the Balkan wars by falsely accusing others of doing the same. A pitty as this only retards the
necessary process of reconciliation. But before reconciliation must come admission and contrition. Subasic had
an opportunity to help us move towards that goal but prove unable to move beyond her own ethnic bias.

Max Primorac

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