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(E) Unjust war on Serbia?
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/25/2003 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Unjust war on Serbia?
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Unjust war on Serbia?

Mr. Steven Greenhut
Senior Editor
Orange County Register
Santa Ana, Ca. 92701

Dear Mr. Greenhut,

While I am against the war on Iraq and agree with much of yourcommentary: "Honk if you think it is a conservative war", Icannot agree with your statement that "Clinton waged an unjust war onSerbia". Unjust?? Where have you been since 1991 when Serbs attackedfirst Slovenia, then with great brutality Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo? It was Bush Senior's wrong policy that gave Milosevic the green lightto keep Yugoslavia together - a country arbitrarily cobbled togetherafter WWI by the Western Powers - and which was nothing else but communistGreater Serbia after WWII. People all around Eastern Europe werethrowing off the communist yoke, only Yugoslavia was championed by the UnitedStates to remain in communist hands! Weird, isn't it?

Perhaps you are not aware that all the former Yugoslav Republicshad the constitutional right of 1974 to secede and declare theirindependence if they so desired. This important fact has been largely ignored bymost of the world media, commentators etc. Well, the Republics secededbut Serbiawould have none of it.Not even when these Republics were recognized in 1992 asseparate, independent states. Serbia's malicious propaganda incited ethnicSerbs to bloody rebellion against the new states and the brutaloccupation of one third of Croatia and the war in Bosnia continued in spite of the international recognition.

President Clinton, while initially reluctant - as the rest ofEurope - finally recognized that the carnage of Serb aggression had to bestopped. Perhaps I have to remind you of the Vukovar and Srebrenicamassacres among many others? These kind of atrocities and aggression inthis day and age in the middle of Europe simply could not be allowed togo on and the last straw was the expelling of nearly one million Kosovarsfrom their homes. Serbia had to be stopped.

No, Mr. Greenhut, it was not unjust to stop Serbia. Just readthe ICTY indictment against Milosevic to clearly see what kind of menacethe former Yugoslav Republics had to deal with - and please readalso the latest statements of the horrific butcher, Serbianultra-nationalist Seselj, as he just arrived in The Hague: "Serbian Dubrovnik", "Serbian Slavonia" etc.! To draw acomparison, even Mexico would have more rights (not that any American would everagree to it) to take back California - because Spaniards were herefirst, - then the Serbs would have in "taking back" what never in historybelonged to them! Just settling in Croatia and Bosnia over the centuries, and more soon purpose since WWI and WWII, does not make it theirs. Don'tyou agree?


Hilda Maria Foley
13272 Orange Knoll
Santa Ana, Ca 92705

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