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(E) Oxford University Press & Follow-up
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/18/2003 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Oxford University Press & Follow-up


Oxford Encyclopedia, follow-up 

Dear Ruth and Mike,

Many thanks for your prompt and courteous replies to my original email and rest assured, your labours are much appreciated from this side of the Atlantic. As far as the German dictionary is concerned, there is much symbolism involved in the ommision of the couplet "Croatia/Kroatien" and therefore my staunch involvement with this matter. It's just a very curious matter to see an entire country (including language and people) left out as dictionaryentries. This was further compounded by notice of an entry in the Oxford Encyclopedia, whereby the adjective "Serbian" as in "Serbo-Croatian culture" was attached to an entry providing historical data about the city of Dubrovnik. Of course I don't think there was any overt reasoning behind these two issues, one a problem ofomission, the other of commission. You must admit though, an outsider could easily infer that Croatia is being unfairly slighted twice, and that is what brought me to call this matter to your attention. 

I must thank Jane Gardner as well for assisting in this matter. May I ask to receive a notice when the updates are put into effect? I would certainly be most appreciative if a follow-up notice were emailed to my attention. At that juncture you could certainly continue to call me a loyal customer as well as a loyal consumer. Thanks again.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Spudic
Forest Hills, New York USA 

Dear Mr Spudic

Many thanks for your email of the 10th May concerning the entry on Dubrovnik
in the on-line World Encyclopaedia. 

We are aware that this text is now out of date and in places erroneous, and
have therefore ceased publishing the print version and cancelled any future
production of the online version. However, it seems that some old copies of
the online version surface on the market occasionally, despite our best

We are currently in the process of producing a new edition of the
encyclopaedia and I will ensure that such entries are considered more
carefully in this revised work. Please accept my sincere apologies for any
offence that this entry has caused and rest assured that we are doing
everything in our power to put it right.

Yours sincerely

Ruth Langley

Commissioning Editor
Trade and Reference Department
Oxford University Press
Great Clarendon St
Telephone: 01865 354210
Fax: 01865 353658

Dear Mr Spudic

Many thanks for you email of 10 May concerning the lack of an entry for
Croatia or Kroatien in the IFinger version of the Concise Oxford-Duden
German Dictionary. 

Their absence is indeed an unfortunate oversight for which I must apologize.
Kroatien is in fact also missing from the print version of the dictionary,
but Croatia is certainly in the printed book and we are therefore puzzled as
to why there is no entry for it in the IFinger version and are investigating
urgently. I can assure you that there are entries for both Croatia and
Kroatien in all the other dictionaries in our Oxford-Duden German range,
including the smaller Pocket Oxford-Duden German Dictionary. We will of
course take the first opportunity to correct their omission from the IFinger

Please accept my sincere apologies for any offence that the absence of these
entries has caused and rest assured that we will be doing everything in our
power to put it right.

Yours sincerely

Mike Clark

Michael Clark
Projects Manager
Bilingual Dictionaries
Oxford University Press
Gt. Clarendon St.

tel. +44 1865 556767 ext. 4496
fax +44 1865 267811 

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