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(E) A Personal Appeal from Congressman Kucinich
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/28/2003 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) A Personal Appeal from Congressman Kucinich


A Personal Appeal from Congressman Kucinich


Dear Friend,
I'm going to be blunt. My presidential campaign needs your
help more than ever. There are only a few days left in this
fundraising quarter (ending Sept. 30) and I need your support.
If you saw last night's nationally-televised debate, you know
that I am speaking out for you...and for your issues.
I spoke out for bringing the troops home from Iraq, and against
the President's request for $87 billion more. I was alone in
discussing how the Iraq occupation hurts our economy.
I was alone in advocating a withdrawal from NAFTA and the WTO
in favor of bilateral trade pacts that protect workers' rights
and the environment. I spoke clearly about taking our healthcare system out of the
hands of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies -- and
establishing nonprofit national health insurance, Enhanced
Medicare for All. I alone called for returning the Social
Security retirement age to 65.
Our wealthy nation can afford healthcare and retirement security.
But we have to rescind the tax breaks for the wealthy, and as I
pointed out in last night's debate, the wealthiest 1% in our
country will get a majority of the Bush tax cut.
To keep bringing these issues to the American people our campaign
needs an infusion of funds. Please donate at  Your contribution today
will be doubled through federal matching funds arriving in a few months.
I know many of you have donated as much as you can, and I thank
you. But please reach out to three other people who share our
values -- by forwarding this email to them.
If you watched last night's debate, you saw me call for a 15%
cut in Pentagon spending and an end to tax breaks for the wealthy
in order to fund childcare and education and job creation. I
spoke of my efforts to end the death penalty and to establish
a cabinet-level Department of Peace.

These issues reflect our unique and progressive grassroots
campaign that you have helped build. To expand our insurgent
campaign, please donate: 
Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich

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