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(E) USCS anti-Croatian Lecture
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/3/2003 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) USCS anti-Croatian Lecture


Lecture, that shouldn't be

Here is the address of the University of South Carolina Spartanburg. (USCS) The lecture is on Jan 22, 2004. I have sent a letter to their faculty and Student Newspaper editor, since no other e-mail address is available. I also sent it to the Chancellor at the same e-mail address. The University address is: University of South Carolina, 800 University Way, Spartanburg, SC 29303
School website:
From the website: Dr. John C. Stockwell, Chancellor


Few more phones and emails from the same University. Please find the shortest dial to the president of the University.

Donette Stewart, Director 864.503.5280
Michelle Morrell,Residency, 864-503-5284
Greg Dailey, Counselor 864.503.5281

Glynda Miller, Counselor 864.503.5289

Carlos Howard, Counselor    884-503-5278

Letter to Chancellor
Oct. 29, 2003
Dr. John C. Stockwell
University of South Carolina
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Dear Chancellor Stockwell:

It is truly shocking to read in the University's schedule a lecture to be
given by USCS historian Robert McCormick titled "Pavelic, Croatia's
Fascist Dictator". It is hard to imagine what prompts this professor to
bring up the subject while he obviously has not researched it fully.

Case in point is his statement about the WWII Croatian Nazi puppet
state's concentration camps. He mentions that 400,000 Jews, Serbs and
Gypsies were killed in the camps. By now every unbiased researcher and
historian knows the fact that the actual number of concentration camp
victims in Croatia was between 60 to 80 thousand, not 200,000 or 400,000.
Every innocent victim is one too many, but such horrific exaggerations,
thanks to Serb propaganda lies, are utterly outrageous. During the 1999
trial of the Jasenovac camp commander Zakic in Zagreb, Croatia, the
correct numbers were undisputed even by the Zagreb Jewish community.

The actual list of victims dates back to 1964, issued by the communist
Yugoslav authorities in Belgrade, who, being Serb-dominated, certainly
had no wish to minimize Croatia's guilt. According to these data of the
Federal Statistical Ministry of Yugoslavia - Center for Scientific
Documentation of the Institute for History of the Workers' Movement, -
the total number of victims was appr. 59,000, and also revealed their
identities, which is certainly more significant than any throwing around
of fictitious numbers by anti-Croatian propagandists. As to Mr.
McCormick's contention that Croatia had "the third largest concentration
camp in Europe" that is too absurd to even merit a reply.

By no means is this letter meant to be an apologia for Pavelic, the
wartime leader of Croatia who was installed by Mussolini's Fascists. Only
about 1% of Croatians welcomed his rule. Historically, for centuries,
Croatia was never known as an anti-Semitic nation, yet its reputation
suffers to this day because of the four years under the Ustasha regime of
WWII, which was established by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, that
pursued their anti-Semitic policies. Ever since, this fact has been used
by its detractors to discredit Croatia in the eyes of the world.
Therefore such lectures as planned by prof. McCormick only continue to
malign a whole nation and one has to wonder what is the purpose behind

Croats, and especially their Cardinal Stepinac saved hundreds of Jews and
the Cardinal publicly spoke against the camps and the killings of Jews
and Serbs. Does Mr McCormick ever mention the virulent anti-Semitism of
the Serb Orthodox Church or the large concentration camps run by Serbs in
Serbia during WWII, such as Sajmiste and Manjica, in which many thousands
of Jews were killed or handed over to the Germans? While Croatia
established a memorial to the victims in Jasenovac, Serbia paved over
their camps, so no one would ever see them. Does he mention the
Hungarian, Rumanian and even French, among other European regimes in
WWII, who delivered their Jewish populations to the Germans?

It should be in the interest of fairness, and even more specifically, of
historic accuracy, for your University to stop any such attempt of
disinformation or simply Serb propaganda to be disseminated in the name
of "historical lectures".


Hilda M. Foley
National Federation of Croatian Americans
13272 Orange Knoll
Santa Ana, CA 92705

P.S. For your further information on this subject - and even more so for
prof. McCormick's, several good books are available on this subject:

Philip Cohen: "Serbia's Secret War"
Marcus Tanner: "Croatia, a Nation Forged in War"
B. Anzulovic" "Heavenly Serbia"
Henry Pozzi: "Black Hand Over Europe"
Ljubica Stefan: (recipient of the Medal of the Righteous Among Nations by
the Holocaust Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem) "From Fairy Tale to
Michael McAdams: "Croatia, Myth and Reality"

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