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(E) Reply from Neumann
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/11/2004 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Reply from Neumann


Reply from Neumann

Thank you for your message. I will look at the links and material you suggest.
However I note, for now, that Phillip Cohen's book has indeed been accused of
bias by non-Serb, non-ideological sources.

No one denies the existence of Serbian fascism; Tito fought it. And I both
recognize and welcome the considerable steps Croatia has taken to get beyond the
Ustashe past. My criticisms were of certain Croatian nationalists, not of
Croatians generally.

Michael Neumann

Judy Feldworth wrote:

Dear Mr. Neumann:

See  on the history of the Croatian grb

See  for general historical
information on WWII and Croatia. No, McAdams is not a Croatian
apologist. He is not Croatian or related to Croatians. He is an
Eastern European history professor who searches for the truth.

Tudjman was a Partisan general in WWII, not a fascist. Check your history.

For further enlightenment, you might read Dr. Philip Cohen's book
Serbia's Secret War. It is an unbiased, extremely well-documented
account of the fascist puppet government activities by General Nedic in
Serbia during WWII, documenting Serbia's long-existing anti-Semitism and

the concentration camps in Serbia during the war. No one ever hears
this history because it has been buried by Serbian propagandists.

My first cousin and aunt were killed in Croatia by the Ustashe. No
intelligent Croatian forgives the activities of the puppet government in

Croatia during WWII; however, they must also take it into perspective.
The atrocities that took place in Croatia were horrible and unjustified
but no different than those that took place in all of the Nazi-occupied
countries with Nazi puppet governments - a la Vichy France, the Benelux
countries, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and the others. Only a small
percentage of the population was involved with the Ustashe under Pavelic

and those poor people were duped because they were promised a FREE,
INDEPENDENT Croatia, finding themselves instead victims of an occupied
fascist state. The price they paid was great for this so-called
promise. The greater majority of the people were involved with the
Partisans who were actively antifascist. Check your knowledge of
history - yet again.

And stop absorbing that anti-Croatian crap written by Chris Hodges in
the NY Times. His bias was so palpable anyone with a brain would be
able to discern that.

Judy Feldworth
St. Louis, MO

Department of Surgery
Saint Louis University

I agree with Hilda - there are just some people who cannot be convinced.  Perhaps Cohen's book is biased - but it is factually based.  The lies propagated about Croatia during WWII by the Communists and Greater Serbians were not only biased but not factually based either.
As a good example, there is a constant mantra that I am sure all of you have seen where the NDH's stated policy was to covert 1/3, deport 1/3 and exterminate 1/3 of the Serbs in its territory.  This was supposedly stated by Mile Budak, an NDH official.  I have been told by professional historians that they have been unable to locate the source of this statement - it is completely made up!
This does not mean that the Ustashe did not do bad things - it just shows what steps people took to make their crimes appear even greater than they were.
Back to Neumann for a moment - it seems to me that people like that will find anything that contradicts their established viewpoint to be a "biased" opinion.  As an example, even if McAdams is a Croat, why is that relevant?  Does that mean if a Jewish historian/reporter writes about the Palestinians or the Holocaust that they are also automatically "biased?"  What about German historians writing about the same thing?
John Kraljic

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