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(E) Letter to Butterfield and Robinson Travel
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/30/2004 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Letter to Butterfield and Robinson Travel


Town and Country Travel
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004
Subject: Town and Country article about Croatia

Director of Traveling
Butterfield and Robinson
Toronto, Canada

Dear Sir:

In the June issue of Town and Country Travel was a very nice article by
John Cantrell describing his hiking and biking experience on Croatia's
Dalmatian coast, arranged by your company. I was surprised to read that
your company suggested to the trip's participants who might be interested
in the history of Croatia to read the book by Robert Kaplan "Balkan
Ghosts" and Rebecca West's "Black Lamb and Grey Falcon". These books say
very little about Croatia' history and as both authors are known
serbophiles their information reflects their thinking.

I would respectfully ask that you change this by suggesting some far more
informative books about the history of Croatia, such as Marcus Tanner's
"Croatia, a Nation forged in War" or "A History of Croatia" by Stephen
Gazi. Also, there is an excellent travel guide book "Croatia" by
Eyewitness Travel Guides ("The Guides That Show You What Others Only Tell
You") which features all pertinent facts about the country, including its
1000+ years of history and hundreds of pictures and maps. I believe for
the average traveler, that one would be the very best choice.


Hilda M. Foley
13272 Orange Knoll
Santa Ana, Ca 92705

From: "Muriel Truter"
To: <>
Cc: "Susan Baldwin" ,
"Jess Cook"
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004
Subject: FW: Town and Country article about Croatia

Dear Hilda,

Thank you for recommending some alternative books on Croatia and it's
history. We will definitely consider them - it is always good to have
perspectives from many different voices. The Eyewitness guide books are
brilliant - I had not seen one on Croatia but will look for it now.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us - I will check out your
recommendations and add them to our reading list.


Muriel Truter
Director, By Sea Programme
Butterfield & Robinson
Active Trips Around the World

1-800-678-1147 or (416) 864-1354
Fax: (416) 864-0541
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