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(E) Reply to Ulster bigots on Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/30/2004 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Reply to Ulster bigots on Croatia


Reply to Ulster bigots on Croatia

Dear All,
this letter from the Irish News, with which I have been in touch
previously, shows how worthwhile it is to give reporters background
regarding recent (or older) Croatian history. As you can see, they used
it well.
Best, Hilda

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004
Subject: Re: Reply to Ulster bigots on Croatia
The following is a letter of response sent to Iain Paisley and chums
(Ulster Unionist Leader and notorious anti-Catholic):

In response to the article ‘Ethnic Cleansing must be condemned’ which
features on the European Institute for Protestant Studies web site:

The ‘illegally declared’ Croatian independence mentioned in your article
was when 94% of the Croatian people voted for independence in a
The subsequent aggression by the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army against
Croatia in response to this however, was in clear violation of the 1974
constitution which recognized the right of each of Yugoslavia's six
republics to secede from the federation.

In 1991, Rebel-Serbs extremists in the Krajina region annexed one third
of the country having ethnically cleansed, deported or killed virtually
all the 80,000 non-Serb population. Milan Babic, Croatian-Serb leader
stated to the judges at his recent trial in relation to these crimes
that: “he stood before them with a deep sense of shame and remorse for
his part in the murder and persecution of thousands of non-Serbs in a
plot to create a new Serb-dominated state on one-third of Croatian

Whilst the Croatian army was reclaiming territory previously illegally
seized by Serb nationalist extremists; the Croatian-Serb President Milan
Martic, whom you complain was declared a ‘war criminal,’ was in fact
declared so for having ordered retaliatory ‘cluster bomb’ attacks on
three Croatian cities, including Zagreb, which killed and maimed

Your alleged “thousands of Serbs killed in cold blood” differs somewhat
from actual Serbian sources. On 05/01/2004 Glas Srpski (Serbian Voice)
reported 283 people had been killed or gone missing in Operation Flash,
which had been previously confirmed by the Association of Croatian Serbs
at their 6th anniversary in Banja Luka on May 2nd 2001, which was
by Agence France Presse. Whilst any death, regardless of ethnicity is
tragic, combined with those from Operation Storm, recorded Serb deaths
in relation to these two operations roughly approximate a total of 433.

Your allegation that “200,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed by Croatian
forces” is incorrect. The aforementioned President Milan Martic ordered
the Krajina Serbs evacuation, which was confirmed in ‘Politika’ 23rd
August 1995. In addition, as previously stated by Jerry Blaskovitch in
‘Anatomy of Deceit’, these civilians departed in an orderly fashion with
most of their belongings – unlike their previous non-Serb neighbours
who were lucky to escape at all.

Your allegations that deceased Croatian President Franjo Tudjman was
a ‘holocaust revisionist and Hitler apologist’ are false. Many historians
now acknowledge that the majority of Fascist allegations against Tudjman
originated from Serb propaganda. Numerous intellectuals of Jewish descent
throughout the world have also shown that accusing Tudjman of
is unfounded. Tudjman’s anti-fascism was made clear in his letter of
response to the allegations written to the US Congress dated January
21st 1992.

Your allegation that ‘Nazi Croatia is the most ethnically pure country
in Europe’ is also false. Croats compose 89.6% of the Croatian
which is similar to Austria’s composition of ethnic Germans. Conversely,
Polish compose 97.6% and Icelandic 96% of their respective populations.
I also find it interesting that you fail to mention Serbia’s Nazi past.

You alleged that the “IRA has ethnically cleansed many thousands of
Protestants along the border with the Irish Republic” and quote an estimated 50-100,000.
The ‘border’ to which you refer of course, was, like the border to the
illegal Serb territory of Krajina, gerrymandered, artificial, and created
by a minority against the wishes of the majority of the country’s
at the expense of both the indigenous population and others who opposed
its creation, many of whom were ethnically cleansed, murdered, tortured
and imprisoned. Your ‘estimated’ number of cleansed Protestants, whether
by the IRA or otherwise, is like your article in general - outrageous
and plainly untrue.

Your article is simply full of lies and bigotry and is a disgrace to
the genuine decent Protestant people out there, who we are fully aware
you in no way represent.

Yours sincerely,
Irish friends of Croatia.

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