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(E) Committing genocide against the Croatian history via Internet
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/12/2002 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Committing genocide against the Croatian history via Internet


Internet Genocide How the New York Jasenovac Research institute (JRI) disseminates hatred of Croatians

Written by Josip Kljakovic
translation by Hilda Foley

On the list of \"Jasenovac victims\" are also names of Ustashas.
Accusation against JRI. The most dangerous fact is that the Institute, established in 1998 by the Jewish and Serbian societies in New York is entering into the school systems of the U.S. and Canada with the help of American authorities, thus creating prejudice against Croatians as a genocidal nation. Therefore I am looking for lawyers in order to file a suit.
From every monument in Dalmatia the names of the dead are \"transferred\" to Jasenovac.
On the Internet pages of the JRI are names of 266 persons who died in refugee camps of El Shatt and in southern Italy, 75 victims of Chetnik crimes in Gata, 63 victims of the German Nazis in the village of Zezevica, 79 victims of Allied bombing of Kastel Sucurac....

History is that which is written. \"That which has occurred and is not written is not history\" (Ivo Andric), but history is that which is written by big nations and powers, which is written in encyclopedias of Israel, USA, Great Britain, Russia... that which is written in The Hague and not that which is we hear parroted daily by our puppets on the Hague strings.

Our Constitution and Mesic declare: Croatia was antifascist in the Second World War and Croatians gave a great contribution to NOR. This is the great truth of a small nation, written in blood, transcribed, carved into monuments, in registry books of the dead, in archives... There, 41.7% of all who perished in Sutjesci in 1943 were Dalmatians. The one who writes, carries the \"U\" or puts Pavelic next to Gotovina is putting a noose around Gotovina and Croatia. Because the \"U\" is equivalent to destroying Croatians and Croatia.
Because the \"center of the world\" New York (MMF, WTC World Bank etc.) writes a different history (and Jerusalem,-Yad Vashem, Brussels and The Hague repeat the same story.)

On the list are 647,250 names

Precisely in New York, the Jewish and Serb societies have established in 1998 the Jasenovac Research Institute (JRI, PO Box 10-0674-Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210) which is committing genocide against the Croatian history because of the Croatian \"U\", proving it by the \"list of Jasenovac victims (Victims list on - open and find your \"Jasenovac victims\"). Since the establishment of this Institute, the monstrous falsifications on this list of victims are pointed against Croatia and Croats, circling around the planet, inflaming national, religious and political hatred against Croatians worldwide. The most dangerous fact is that the Institute, with the help of the New York authorities, is entering with its \"truth\" into the school systems of the USA and Canada with unforeseeable consequences in the creating of prejudice against Croatians as a genocidal nation, and Croatians will most likely be also viewed as \"bad guys\" by the armed forces of the USA and Canada.

I am convinced that Carla Del Ponte is also obsessed with genocidal Croatians. JRI has also recently erected a monument \"Jasenovac\" in Brooklyn on which it states that \"from 1941 to 1945 hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies as well as antifascists of many nationalities were killed in the death camp of Jasenovac which were run by Croatian Ustashas\". The National Federation of Croatian Americans (NFCA) objected and protested to the New York authorities, citing the Holocaust Museum USA in Washington estimates the number of victims being between 56,000 and 97,000. Mr. John Kraljic (NFCA) has correctly stated that the numbers of victims were exaggerated because it is in the interest of Greater
Serbia to blacken Croatia\'s name as a genocidal nation by nature, so it would hide the collaboration of the Serb Chetniks in the Second World War, deny the participation of hundreds of thousands of Croatians on the side of the antifascist coalition and deny the right to independence of Croatia\'s state. (As well as its efforts to admission into the EU and NATO. op - JK)

Falsification and negation of Croatians\' antifascist battle ( as a forerunner to negation of the homeland defensive war and the sovereign and democratic Republic of Croatia as a whole) I am proving by the investigation of the lists of victims on : the list of victims contains altogether 3248
pages, from A to Å˝ (200 names/pages except the last one:
1) A-94; B-282; C-38; -46; -28; D-138; -60; E-20; F-41; G-132; H-63; I-52; J-146; K-295;
L-111; M-358; N-83; O-45; P-255; Q-1; R-182; S-254: Å -117; T-116; U-19; V-176; W-4; Y-1;
Z-56; Å˝-36; (Look , record, find your dead as - victims of Jasenovac\"!)
2) The total number of \"Jasenovac victims\" is around 647,250 (last name, first name, father\'s name, place and year of birth)
3) I have discovered among the names the following \"Jasenovac victims\" (which I am ready to disclose in the suit against JRI for their spreading national and religious hatred in the USA and the world):
-266 persons who died in the Yugoslav refugee camp in El Shatt and southern Italy from 1944/45 among them four children, born and died in El Shatt (according to documents from state archives). Monstrous.
-75 victims of Chetnik crimes in Gata near Omis, occurring on Oct. 1, 1942 with the assistance of Italian fascists. (Here, a monument is erected)
-63 victims of German Nazis i the village Zezevica - 1943, (near Split);
-29 victims from Zrnovnica by Split. This refers to Croatian Partisans dying in NOVJ in the battles on the Neretva and Sutjeska and wider area. (born and died in Zrnovnica)
-57 victims from the memorial monument of fallen partisan fighters -1941-45 i Kastel Sucurac; 79 victims of bombing of church in Kastel Sucurac by the RAF mistake, on 12.05.1943. (Memorial plate)
-75 (from 95) killed - victims in NOB from Vinisca-Trogir (monument) and 15 from 18 who perished - from the monument in Tugarami near Split.
From every monument in Dalmatia 1941-1945, the dead were \"transferred\" to Jasenovac!

Take a look at your monuments!

The above mentioned is evidenced by names. Reviewing the List of Victims (it is larger than the number of soldiers of Napoleon\'s army during its campaign in Russia 1812) the impression is that on the List of Victims are around 70 percent of all who perished from 1941 to 1945, Croatians, Serbs, Slovenes, Montenegrins, Muslims, all Jews on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia and even on the territory of that time Italy (Istria, Rijeka, Zadar, the islands).On the list are almost all the victims of the terror of the German/Italian occupation and of the Chetniks as well as killed Chetniks on Yugoslavia\'s territory. - All in Jasenovac! Really monstrous .

I even found some Ustashe as Jasenovac \"victims\". That\'s why the warning to all on ex-Yugoslavia\'s territory to take a look at their monuments, names of the dead on graves from 1941-1945. They will find many of them transferred to Jasenovac and \"killed by the genocidal Croats\".

Victims\' lists are full of duplicated, invented names, false years and places of birth of the victims. The JRI ,
on its web site, is demanding restitution for the \"victims\" as the condition for Croatia\'s admittance to the EU.
What a satanic chauvinism!

The author, Major General JNA oko Ivanovi writes in the Encyclopedia JNA (published 1967,T-4/627):
\"On the Yugoslav territory the best known concentration camps were: The Banjica camp, Sajmište camp, Šabac camp, Red Cross near Niš, Jasenovac, Sremska Mitrovica and Jadovno. The internal administration of the Banjica camp was in the hands of the Germans. In that camp were about 100,000 detainees, of which 80,000 were killed. The camp on Sajmiste under the administration of the Gestapo was at first exclusively for Jews, but was by the middle of 1942 primarily for NOVJ fighters and antifascists. Through the camp passed around 90,000, and 40,000 prisoners were killed...\" (primarily Jews, op. JK) \"All concentration camps on the territory of Yugoslavia in the Second World War were under the supervision of the occupator.\" At the same time Croatia had 76 partisan detachments, BIH 53, Serbia 45...(excerpt from the same Encyclopedia JNA).

Masters of chaos
A person who lies with evil intentions is the misfortune of his surroundings, an Institution of your rank in New York which lies with evil intentions deliberately provokes or could provoke great calamities in the future, especially in these regions, where the wounds of war have not yet healed. If it is the intention, then this is the preface to the creation of the chaos of hatred in the Balkans and conditions for new conflicts. JRI and its masters of chaos from New York should know that \"We owe the dead only the truth\" (Voltaire) and that
\"Our world is already tired of hate\" (Gandhi).

If to the Greater Serbs the lie is affirmation \"it is our inborn intelligence, we lie creatively, imaginative, inventive...\" (Dobrica osi in \"Deobama\") I am deeply puzzled and worried by the participation of the New York Jewry in this monstrous anti-Croatian Internet attack regarding the history of the Second World War in the Balkans, in the digging up of our dead antifascists, war victims and especially refugees of the Yugoslav refugee camp in El Shatt and in southern Italy. Can you imagine someone touching Yad Vashem,
the Arlington Cemetery...? Quo Vadis America? You, who in Seattle pay $15,000 for emotional pain to the owner of a cat that the neighbor\'s dog killed, must pay at least 15,000 dollars for the emotional pain to everyone whose dead family member, Serb, Jew, Croat and other from the territory of ex-Yugoslavia you deliberately \"killed\" in Jasenovac, proving that our dead are worth at least as much as your dead cat in Seattle.

I am looking for lawyers to file a suit because I believe that the United States still has sufficient democracy to punish an Institute that is disseminating hatred in the USA, Canada and worldwide and is in contradiction to the U.N Declaration. The JRI should learn that honoring the dead strengthens the friendship of the living, that exaggerations remove every belief in the truth. To you who have forgotten the Prophet Isaiah: Remove from my eyes the wicked deeds, stop doing evil. Learn from good deeds and yearn for justice - give help to the downtrodden, help the poor to receive justice, take care of the widow...\"

A Hiroshima Institute
You who excuse the Balkan murderer Milosevic, you who were not in Jasenovac, tens of times I have placed a wreath there in memory of the father and family of my Jewish wife, affected by the proportion of crime and holocaust against Jews as a whole. I still think that Jews are \"our elder brothers\" (Pope John
Paul II), but in contrast to the Israeli relations toward Palestinians, I believe that the Muslims are also our brothers.

Knowing the history from Cheops to Hiroshima - nothing surprises me. Here is my advice. Organize Hiroshima Research Institute for the fastest (3+3 min.) genocide in human history. Some 300,000 dead in an instant cry for - the truth. The ones who died from radiation afterwards will wait. It is better to be among the persecuted than among the persecutors. (Talmud).

Internet: Augustin Gattin
Net Media d.o.o.
all rights reserved SLOBODNA DALMACIJA 1999-2005


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