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(E) Journalists can't be blamed for someone's else mistakes
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/9/2005 | Letters to the Editors | Unrated
(E) Journalists can't be blamed for someone's else mistakes




Porec, October 7, 2005

We consider the recent apprehension and the arrest of the Croatian journalist Mr. Josip Jovic, who released and published the names of protected witnesses of the ICTY an extremely discriminatory act against Croatia and its people. We would like to explain to Ms Carla del Ponte that in Croatia there are laws stipulating free speech, freedom of thought and the free media. In case she ignores that, she might better have a look at the similar legislation of her country. The very fact that journalists can find out the name of the protected witness, means that this same witness is not protected at all!
The responsibility for this should not be borne by some "folks of the pen," but rather by the organizational structure of the irresponsible Tribunal itself! Therefore, dear Carla, if somebody needs to be castigated, it should be your secretary, or your colleague from the next door office. And why not blame a custodian of the house or a cleaning lady in the Tribunal who spotted a piece of paper on the floor? Why do you sport so much arrogance and come down on these public figures who report in an unbiased manner about your garishness regarding our martyred, poor and small nation? This act of yours can also be understood as a dictatorial venture and a" ukase" of yours. Croatian World Assembly considers this move of the Hague Tribunal a hypocritical act and detrimental to the internal affairs of  Croatia. As our homeland is teeming with all sorts of crime and banditry, the judiciary (both foreign and domestic) cloth with the garb of "crime" our liberators and our poor journalists. The repressive attitude of the "international " Hague institution, which seems to be more enamored with politics than with justice and ethics, demonstrates with this act that is opposed to free speech on the territory of its much cherished " world province " of Croatia. We are using this opportunity to alert all worthy and honorable members of our people, all our politicians, and especially those who sit at the summit of political power, to reexamine from other perspectives, their own attitudes, their own servile stance
regarding the matter of this imposed task of our cooperation with this institution. If we are not allowed to write and to think, how much "independent" are we? Who will consider us a serious people if we don't consider ourselves serious?
Niko Soljak prof. ing.,

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