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(E) Establish independent laboratory in Croatia - Grant $75K/year
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/13/2005 | Jobs | Unrated
(E) Establish independent laboratory in Croatia - Grant $75K/year


Establish first independent laboratory in Croatia

with Startup Grant of $75,000 U.S. annually.


Public release date: 8-Feb-2005
Contact: Jennifer Donovan
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

EMBO, HHMI join forces to promote brain gain

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the European
Molecular Biology Organization want to attract some of
the world's most promising scientists to Central
Europe. To help them establish their first independent
laboratories there, the organizations are launching
the EMBO/HHMI Startup Grants? three-year awards of
$75,000 U.S. annually.

The new grants spring from a joint initiative of HHMI
and EMBO involving Central European member countries:
Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, and
Slovenia. EMBO is the leading life sciences
organization in Europe, supporting scientists through
high quality initiatives such as fellowships, courses,
workshops, and its Young Investigator Programme. One
of the largest philanthropies in the world, HHMI has
supported outstanding scientists in Central and
Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine since 1995,
reflecting the Institute's commitment to scientific
excellence as a global enterprise.

"HHMI believes it is essential that fresh new
scientists with fresh new ideas start independent
careers with sufficient resources to become
competitive in the global world of contemporary
science," said Peter J. Bruns, Institute vice
president for grants and special programs. "By
resources, we mean more than money; we mean equipment,
supplies, personnel, space, and time. This partnership
among HHMI, EMBO, member countries, and local
institutions, with each recognizing the special needs
and each contributing unique resources, should make a
significant difference."

HHMI will contribute $50,000 a year for three years
for up to six grants. Another $25,000 a year per grant
will come from the participating member countries and
EMBO. EMBO will oversee the EMBO/HHMI Startup Grants
as part of its Young Investigator Programme, which has
been identifying and supporting exceptional young
scientists in Europe since 2000.

In addition to financial support, a key element of the
EMBO/HHMI Startup Grants is a guarantee of continuing
career opportunities for grant recipients. Applicant
institutions are being asked to make a commitment to
ongoing support of the scientists who receive the

"By offering young independent scientists the
resources they need to get started and the assurance
of local support in the long-term, EMBO and HHMI hope
to help strengthen science in Central Europe," said
Frank Gannon, executive director of EMBO. "EMBO's
involvement in this initiative represents our
continued commitment to supporting countries
throughout Europe that wish to develop and enhance
their science bases."

The new initiative builds on HHMI/EMBO grants awarded
between 2002 and 2004 to help scientists in the Czech
Republic, Hungary, and Poland early in their
independent careers. That program was designed to
strengthen the scientific pipeline in EMBO member
countries where HHMI funds international research
scholars. Through its international scholars program,
HHMI supports outstanding non-U.S. scientists in 29
countries around the world.


A competition for the EMBO/HHMI Startup Grants opens
this week. Scientists will apply jointly with research
institutes in the countries where they intend to
establish labs. The application deadline is August 1,
2005. Further information and application forms can be
found at:

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute was established in
1953 by the aviator-industrialist. HHMI's principal
mission is conducting basic biomedical research, which
it carries out in collaboration with universities,
medical centers and other research institutions
throughout the United States. Its more than 300
investigators, along with a scientific staff of more
than 3,000, work at these institutions in Hughes
laboratories. The Institute also has a philanthropic
grants program that is strengthening science education
and training, from elementary school through graduate
and medical school. It also supports the work of
biomedical researchers in many countries around the

HHMI is one of the largest philanthropies in the
world, with an endowment of more than $13 billion. Its
headquarters are located in Chevy Chase, Maryland,
just outside Washington, D.C.

The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)
promotes biosciences in Europe. Through initiatives
such as fellowships, practical courses, workshops, and
its actions supporting young independent scientists,
EMBO supports transnational mobility, training, and
exchange at all stages of the scientific career. The
organization was founded in 1964, and an example of
its early impact was the establishment of the
well-known laboratory, EMBL. EMBO elects new members
annually on the basis of proven excellence in
research. Today the organization has approximately
1,200 European members and 100 associate members
worldwide including some 38 Nobel Laureates.

Submitted by Joe Kuraba


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