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(E) Host-Based CT Driver From Croatia - Voice IP
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/30/2004 | Ideas | Unrated
(E) Host-Based CT Driver From Croatia - Voice IP

Developer Resource: Host-Based CT Driver From

Add media and call processing to your VoIP apps without specialized DSP cards.
06/28/2004, 7:00 PM ET

This from the "look what we found" file: Boris Pavacic, CTO of Uniqall emailed us. Boris says their somewhat spookily named Gridborg server software is "in essence [a host-based] driver" for computer telephony platforms. In other words, without the need for costly cards from Intel/Dialogic, Brooktrout, NMS, Aculab, Eicon, etc., they'll provide computer based voice-, call- and media processing for your applications.
According to Boris (who we now imagine as the Croatian version of Mike Coffee), it's time:

"Both VoIP and Moore's law changed many industries. Telephony boards business is in collision course with both trends. It is going to be very exciting to participate in what is going to happen with this industry during next few years."
VoIP is key here, as that's the only type of voice transmission they're prepared to deal with. In pure IP environments, they say, "no VoIP hardware is needed. In hybrid environments, any generic H.323 compliant Media gateway (Cisco, Audiocodes, Planet, etc) is used instead of expensive specialized telephony boards."The software is also currently designed to work with Envox Communication server -- which would normally be used to drive the media processing resources of traditional boards.The first public beta of Gridborg 1.0, they say, is available for free download and evaluation now.

Gridborg 1.X consists of two main parts:
Gridborg Server handles all H.323 connections and media processing related tasks. It runs as both Linux daemon and Windows service. H.323 frontend of the server is based on open source OpenH323 stack.
Gridborg Envox driver is actually Gridborg client and it runs on the same Windows environment only.All call control and media processing related communication between Gridborg Server and Gridborg Envox driver goes over TCP/IP through Gridborg Protocol.

We just read Boris' email. Looks a little raw but intriguing and might be worth a look see.

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