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(E) One of Tom Peric's favorite tools is a big wall calendar
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/4/2005 | Ideas | Unrated
(E) One of Tom Peric's favorite tools is a big wall calendar


One of Tom Peric's favorite tools in running

his small business is a big wall calendar


Owners embrace calendars as essential business tools

By Joyce M. Rosenberg
Associated Press
Published June 27, 2005

NEW YORK -- One of Tom Peric's favorite tools in running his small business is a big wall calendar. It tells him at a glance what's coming up.

Other small-business owners swear by the more high-tech schedulers in their personal digital assistants. Either way, they're managing by the calendar--anticipating all the dates, deadlines and seasons critical to operating a successful business.

It might seem obvious that a business owner should pay close attention to the calendar, but many people have learned the hard way that a missed appointment or forgotten deadline can be painful and costly. Penalties for late tax returns and late payments are the most obvious, but customers and clients can be equally unforgiving.

"I have one client who actually charges me a stiff fee each day if I'm late when the deadline shows up," said Peric, president of Galileo Communications Inc., a Cherry Hill, N.J., publicity firm.

There's an even more important reason for managing by the calendar--doing so gives an owner a better handle on the business. Knowing what's on the calendar helps eliminate unpleasant surprises and provides a clearer picture of what's ahead.

Dominic Rubino, a small-business coach in Vancouver, said most of the owners he encounters don't use any sort of calendar.

"They can't manage themselves, and if you can't manage yourself, you can't manage others," he said, adding that owners who try to manage without a calendar "become reactive in their business."

Peric said his wall calendar helps him think in advance.

"I don't tend to think strategically when it comes to dates," he said, calling the calendar "a quick, visual way" to keep track of business.

Many owners focus on a calendar as a means of keeping on top of appointments and meetings. There are many other practical, seasonal and time-sensitive demands of running a business that deserve to put on a calendar.

There are two parts to managing by calendar. First you need to develop an awareness of your company's needs as you go through the year. The second part has to do with your choice of calendar.

Many owners have migrated from paper calendars to high-tech versions.

Microsoft's Outlook software includes a calendar that can be programmed with reminders of coming appointments, events and deadlines months ahead of time. For example, you could ask the calendar to remind you on Aug. 15 that your next estimated tax payment is due Sept. 15--which means you have a month to get the money together.

Other softwaremakers have calendars that can work alongside Outlook.

But high-tech calendars can be a necessity for companies with far-flung employees. At SchoolNet Inc., a New York-based company that provides technology solutions to schools, CEO Jonathan Harber said PDAs allow his sales force to check the company calendar.

"One of the biggest roles and responsibilities of my executive assistant is calendaring for the company," he said.

But even some owners who make a living in high-tech do it the old-fashioned way. Joe Kennedy, owner of ANT Computer Services in Los Angeles, relies on a paper Day-Timer.

"I have not been able to find any hand-held device or laptop to be as simple as an old book," he said.,1,1111517.story?coll=chi-business-hed

(E) Tomislav S. Peric - Media Relations Expert

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