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(E) I am either easy or modest
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/13/2002 | Humor And Wisdom | Unrated
(E) I am either easy or modest


I am either easy or modest!

I am house sitting this week. My folks are in the Dominican Republic for a vacation. My mother heard the name of the country, thought a bunch of priests ran the government. I start a three day vacation tomorrow from the daytime job. That means more time for my, bringing home the nostalgia. I plan to start up memories from 1977 to 2002. This was my time in Croatia, every year and $50,000 later. So, I have lots of human interest there. CroWorld will have the initial first memories. 
I have 23 photos I have selected for CroWorld. From those I will edit it to ten photos. I'll have words also. I am inspired to text in CroWorld. CroWorld will be the first to read my bringing home the nostalgia. Photos will be included. With the vacation days coming up, my last vacation days for this year from the daytime job, I will start the "homework." I feel I have been on vacation all year. We are on the same page Nenad. I am in a creative cruise control. CroWorld is a home for me of sorts. It will receive my human interests and photos and ramblings on the importance ofbeing a Croatian now and then. 
I'll keep you posted and included and I'll tag along. I feel very creative and emotionally sound these days. Maybe I was an emotional solar panel and didn't know it. Now I have the need to light up the virtual reality with a bunch of photos and texts from the rear view mirror. Think metaphors. And now screen savers. Volume 1 is being shipped tomorrow from Albuquerque. Volume 2 has been ordered. Who would havethink it that screen savers could make me happy. I am either easy or modest. 


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