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(E) Book Review "Serving My Country - Croatia Rediviva"
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/20/2003 | History | Unrated
(E) Book Review "Serving My Country - Croatia Rediviva"
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"Serving My Country - CroatiaRediviva"

Highly recommended: - a new book "Serving My Country - Croatia Rediviva"
by Hrvoje Kacic, written in English. 

Mr Kacic is a lawyer and professor of Shipping Law with a Ph.D. in
Maritime Law who served as an internationally recognized Maritime law
expert in many national and international Maritime Departments,
Conferences and Conventions. He was elected President of the Committee
for Foreign Relations in the first Croatian Parliament (Sabor) in 1990.
With his extensive experience in politics, national and international,
and personal meetings with important persons and Institutions of the
Western European and American scene from the EU, the USA and NATO, before
and during the war against Croatia, he has presented in this book facts,
reports, information, and letters and addresses by individuals during the
course of crucial developments in the area of former Yugoslavia. Some of
these are known to many Croatians, there are others that are astonishing

Since Dr. Kacic is a native of Dubrovnik, much of his material concerns
the attacks on his city, but it is also this city's destruction that
finally made the international community decide to recognize Croatia as
an independent state, in the hope of stopping the war. While not
overlooking the suffering of all other areas in Croatia, he shows how
Vukovar and Dubrovnik "top right and bottom left" illustrate the human
and cultural catastrophes and the sheer courage of the citizenry. 

This book should be read by every English-speaking Croatian and
individual Croatian Societies should endeavor to send it to their
Congressmen, Senators and Washington politicians. It will serve to stop
any future revision of history. 

The book is available at the cost of $20.00, including shipping, from
CNA (Croatian National Association c/o N. Hazdovac, 777 W. 9th St. San
Pedro, CA 90731, e-mail  

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