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(E) Croatian Dachau Surviver Relates Experiences
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/29/2004 | History | Unrated
(E) Croatian Dachau Surviver Relates Experiences


Croatian Dachau Surviver Relates Experiences

The following story is a translation of an article which appeared in the
January 28, 2004 edition of Novi list. As noted, 7 Croats from Fuzine
spent time in Dacahu, of whom only 2 survived.The number of Croats
sent to German concentration camps is substantial and generally
Many of these persons were sent after Germany reoccupied
large areas of the coastal and near-coastal areas of Croatia after
Italy's capitulation in September 1943.

I am in the process of translating a small booklet written by one
survivor, Zora Matijevic, which appeared in 1946 in Zagreb. I am also
preparing an informal list of those Croats sent to German concentration
camps based on published sources. I will happily share it with all of
you once it is completed. John Kraljic



Fuzine. Holocaust Remembrance Day in the "Ivanka Trohar" Elementary
School in Fuzine was marked by an extremely interesting and educational
meeting with Zlatko Mance, one of those from Fuzine who survived the
terrors of the Dachau concentration camp. In that infamous camp there
were actually seven people from Fuzine. Along with Mance only Ivan
Skocilic survived. Although remembering those dark days were not at all
comfortable, Zlatko Mance recalled many details which as inmate number
56650 he went through at Dachau. He arrived at Dachau as an 18 year old
in September 1943 from an Italian camp. Well-known as a popular and
good-natured person in Fuzine, "Uncle Zlatic" survived all the horrors
of one of the worst fascist camps and awaited liberation in spring 1945.
He traveled over 24 days, mostly by foot, to his native Fuzine after
being freed from the camp. All of his stories provoked great interest
so that it is more than obvious that such meetings and surely necessary
and beneficial. M.K.

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