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(E) Cro-Am Robert Tonsetic's Book on Vietnam
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/11/2004 | History | Unrated
(E) Cro-Am Robert Tonsetic's Book on Vietnam


Warriors: An Infantryman's Memoir of Vietnam


As Memorial Day approaches, I wanted to call attention to a new book of memoirs by Robert Tonsetic, "Warriors: An Infantryman's Memoir of Vietnam." The paperback is published by Ballantine Press (a Random House company) under its Presidio Press label and appeared this year.

Robert grew up in the Pittsburgh area. After completing the University of Pittsburgh in 1964, he was commissioned as an infantry lieutenant. He served as a company commander for 6 months during the Tet and May Offensives in 1968. He later served as an advisor to the Vietnamese Ranger and Airborne units. He retired from the Army in 1991 with the rank of colonel. He subsequently received a doctorate in education and taught for four years at the University of Central Florida. He currently lives in Maryland.

While in Vietnam, Robert received the Distnguished Service Cross for his service.

The backside of the book gives the following description of the book: "It was the tumultuous year 1968 and Robert Tonsetic was a company commander of the 4th Battalion, 12th Infantry in Vietnam. He took over a group of grunts demoralized by defeat but determined to get even. Through the legendary Tet and May Offensives, he led, trained and risked his life with these brave men, and this is the thrilling brutal and honest story of his tour of duty. Tonsetic tells of leading a seriously undermanned ready-reaction force into a fierce three-day battle with a ruthless enemy battalion; conducting surreal night airmobile assaults and treks through fetid, pitch-black jungles; and relieving combat stress by fishing with hand grenades and taking secret joyrides in Hueys. During that fateful year, as unrest erupted at home and politicians groped for a way out of the war, Tonsetic and his men did their job as soldiers and earned the title "Warriors."'

The book is available in all book stores for $7.50 ($10.99 in Canada).

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