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(E) The oldest blind theater in Europe is from Zagreb, Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/25/2005 | History | Unrated
(E) The oldest blind theater in Europe is from Zagreb, Croatia


Theatrical Company of the Blind and Visually Impaired

Hrvatska - Zagreb - Croatia

Founded in 1948, and until 1986 the only blind theatre company in Europe!

All translations from Croatian into English by prof. Anadea Cupic

Address: Dramski studio slijepih i slabovidnih "NOVI ZIVOT",
10000 Zagreb, Senoina 32, Croatia
tel.: ++ 385 1 48 12 502, +385 1 48 12 066
fax.: ++ 3851 1 48 40 091


The theatrical company of the blind and visually impaired New life performed its first theatricals precisely on 21 March 1948. Since the audience of the town of Zagreb, truly amused, showed great enthusiasm for the acting of the blind performers, such reaction stimulated the Group to continue its activity, thus becoming the first blind theatrical company in Europe. New Life staged the plays by most famous national and foreign playwrights. In the last five years, the Group has focused on the Theatre of the Absurd and surrealism. By giving about 60 performances a year, plus one or two opening nights, New Life was placed on top of the Croatian amateurism. However, rather a long time ago, New Life's quality of presenting spectacle indicated beforehand that another professional Zagreb theatrical company was forthcoming. Touring all over Europe became a habit of the Group; for quite a long time, the invitations to come and visit the United States of America and Australia have been an option for the future which New Life is seriously taking into consideration.

The company has contacts with:

  • National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, The Library of Congress,
    Frank Kurt Cylke (Director), 1291 Taylor Street NW, Washington, DC 20542, USA
  • Deutsche Blindenstdienanstalt e.v. - Bidungs - und Hilfsmittelzentrum f├╝r Elektronik und Hilfsmittel nbH der Deutschen Blindenstudienanstalt, Arbeitsgemenischaft der Blindenh├Ârb;├╝cherein e V.
    J├╝rgen Hertlein (Direktor), Am Schalg 8, D-3550 Marburg

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