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(E) Britain and the Bleiburg Tragedy
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/20/2005 | History | Unrated
(E) Britain and the Bleiburg Tragedy


Britain and the Bleiburg Tragedy

Britain and the Bleiburg Tragedy is an artist’s impression of the terrible events which took place in Croatia during the early 1990s, and the virtually unknown, but horrendously destructive, events that have occurred since the end of the Second World War centred around attempts over a long period of time to create a Greater Serbia in the area commonly known as The Balkans.
Since the end of the First World War, the history of the Balkans has been dominated by the Western Allies acceptance of the Serbs claim to be the dominant force in what became known as Yugoslavia after the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This was despite the Croatian decision in 1918 to vote for a “Neutral and Peasant Republic of Croatia”. At the direction of the so-called “Paris Peace Conference” in 1919 the State of Yugoslavia, including Croatia, was handed over to the Serbs under their King, ruling from the Serbian capital Belgrade with Serbian laws.
Brooks-Pincevic, the author of the book, is a resident of New Zealand. She is both English and French and was born in Sydney. She is married to Gary Pincevic, a Croatian from Dubrovnik who migrated to Australia.
Passionately eloquent in exposing the lies and hypocrisy prevalent in this history, she has vividly captured, both in word and painting, the horrible events, which took place in Croatia before, during, and after the Second World War, writing particularly about the misunderstandings and blatant misrepresentations of the Croatian people during that time.
Particularly poignant is her profound handling of the Bleiburg Tragedy, when thousands of Croatian civilians were handed over to the Communist leaders of Yugoslavia and massacred. A Foreword, written in 1968 by Major-General Charles A. Willoughby from the United States Army for a book “Operations Slaughterhouse”, is included in this section of the book in which he described in great detail the massacre of thousands of disarmed Croatian soldiers and civilians in May 1945, with the “mute acceptance of the British and American Governments”.
Suzanne Brooks-Pincevic’s paintings vividly portray the appalling events, which have taken place in Croatia since the Second World War and the commentary accompanying the paintings give clear testimony of the efforts since 1918 of the intent to produce a Greater Serbia. One of the great tragedies of the events described in the book is the lack of support given to the people of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the other countries in the region by the Western Nations to claim their right to freedom from their oppressors. It is hoped that the Brooks-Pincevic book will clear the way for a better understanding of events in the Balkans since the end of the 1914-18 War.

Review by Mark J Posa
State Officer, National Civic Council, Adelaide, Australia.
…“I commend this book by Suzanne Brooks-Pincevic which supports my research of the last 20 years by highlighting the only last major massacre of the 2nd World War – a massacre which remains officially unacknowledged and unatoned. The dead will not rest in their graves until the truth is brought out and recognized”….

Count Nikolai Tolstoy, Berkshire, England. Author of: The Minister and the Massacres, Stalin’s Secret War, Victims of Yalta

…“Lovers of music, art, history and skiing are familiar with the tiny, Alpine country of Austria but most likely they have never heard of its small town of Bleiburg. This book, through the masterful brush and poetic pen of Suzanne Brooks–Pincevic, brings “Bleiburg” to life so that its readers will never forget it and will do all in their power to awaken the consciences of those who must know about it and must in truth and justice undertake such corrective measures that the Bleiburg Tragedy will never be repeated”…

John Prcela, Cleveland, Ohio 44121, USA. Editor-in-Chief of: Operation Slaughterhouse, Hrvatski Holokaust

…“Suzanne Brooks-Pincevic is the author of a remarkable and unique book containing reproductions of the author’s original paintings. These, along with poems, prose (historical accounts) with eyewitness statements, present a dramatic document dealing with one of the most important and tragic events in modern Croatian history… is a well deserved tribute to all those hundreds of thousands civilians and soldiers who lost their lives for Croatia’s independence during the past 60 years”….

Dr George J Prpic, Professor Emeritus of History, John Carroll University, USA

1 Lake Road, Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand.
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