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(E) Croatian History - Bartol Gyurgieuits (1506 - 1566?)
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/11/2006 | History | Unrated
(E) Croatian History - Bartol Gyurgieuits (1506 - 1566?)


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Bartol Gyurgieuits (1506 - 1566?)

500 years since the birth of the author of the first known Croatian - Latin dictionary,
of the practical Italian - Arabian - Hebrew - Chaldean dictionary.

The Englishman Hugh Goughe wrote "The Ofspringe of the House of Ottomane" (1570) which is a translation of Gyurgieuits' book "De origine imperii Turcorum".
In Goughe's book there is a dialogue in Croatian with a parallel English translation,
alongside with two prayers in Croatian (Our father and Hail Mary).
Gyugyieuits is called the "first Croatian lexicographer" in the book.

Coat of arms of the noble district of Turopolje from  1737

Coat of arms of the Noble district of Turopolje from 1737, granted by King Charles III, where Bartol Jurjevic was born


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