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(E) Follow the footsteps of Bardot, Sheen, McCartney
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/8/2006 | Friends In Action | Unrated
(E) Follow the footsteps of Bardot, Sheen, McCartney


Follow the footsteps of Bardot, Sheen, McCartney,

(op-ed and our Hilda, Ivana,...)

Date: 2 Mar 2006 12:04:27 -0800
To: Ivana Kunc <>
Subject: Join Paul McCartney to Protest Canada's Seal Hunt
From: "Lauren A., Care2 Media & Culture Alerts"

Hi Joy,

Paul McCartney and his wife Heather have traveled to
Canada to protest the seal hunt. It will be the
largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the
planet, killing over 300,000 seals. Join them now!

Paul McCartney and his wife Heather have traveled to
the ice off Canada's East Coast. They are protesting
Canada's seal hunt - one of the largest commercial
slaughters of marine mammals on the planet.

By the end of the hunt, more than 300,000 seals,
mostly babies, will have been clubbed or shot to death
by fishermen seeking to sell their fur.

Take action!

Paul, a long time animal activist, has called Canada's
seal hunt "Just disgusting." Adding, "It's just
against every rule of humanity... If they want to
consider themselves a civilized nation they're going
to have to stop this." Sign the petition now!

In 1972 celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot and Martin
Sheen began a massive anti-hunt campaign that spread
around the world.

And it worked.

That same year, the United States banned the
importation of seal products and in 1987 Canada banned
the killing of all white coats.

But in recent years, new markets in China and Russia
have emerged, leading fishermen to hunt different
breeds of seals. Now the hunt is once again a popular
way for Canadian fishermen to pick up a few extra
bucks in the off-season.

But there is new hope on the ice. Canada recently
elected a new Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and a
new political party to power. With enough public
support, there's a chance they might consider banning
this horrible hunt forever.

That's why we need your help now. Please join Paul
McCartney and the Humane Society of the United States
in calling on Prime Minister Harper to end this
terrible hunt forever. Hundreds of thousands of baby
seals wait for your voice to be heard.

Thanks for your action today.

Lauren Alvarez
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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