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(E) Frank Enea - Rock and Roll with a Heart
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/24/2004 | Friends | Unrated
(E) Frank Enea - Rock and Roll with a Heart


Frank Enea

"With eyes on the world" is how the New York Times, in a July 2003 feature article, described Frank Enea's music and vision of his future. Another quote bandied about was “The Return of Rock!” Music presses, also in 2003, tried to elevate garage-rock bands to headliner status by proclaiming that they were going to save the rock genre. They all came . . . and they all went. The problem? Songs. Or more specifically: the art of songwriting. Here is where Frank Enea’s Makeshift Days comes in. From the opening acoustic intro of “Falling Out Of Bed” to the final track “Holding Back” (featured on the NBC hit show, “Ed”), the listener is reminded of artists like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Tom Waits and Radiohead. One thing these masters all have in common is their devotion and artistry to songwriting. While they have all varied musical styles they all have the drive and focus for each and every individual song they write, craft and record. Oh, and one more thing they all have in common: the live performances. The one constant of enduring rock acts are the albums they produce AND their live shows which add a new layer of energy to the songs. Frank Enea (vocals and guitar) and Palace Laundry (Alex Morell on bass and Paul Enea on drums) have recorded an album of 12 songs of soulful and melody driven rock. Hear them, experience them. “The Return of Songwriting” is here. Again.

Raised in the suburbs of New York, Frank found out early on what he wanted to do with his life, and that was to play music. At the age of five he got his first guitar, given to him by his uncle, and music lessons followed soon thereafter. During this period, his brother Paul was studying drums and would soon be a lifelong band mate. Frank’s love of British rock and American blues music would eventually perk his interest in classical music. Through out High School Frank studied classical guitar and the music of Bach. During this period he also played in bands and performed at local clubs. In the early 1990’s Frank would guest on many recordings by independent artists, teach guitar and, study music at Manhattanville College. In 1998, a new project emerged which would challenge Frank to a new role, and that was lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for his next and current band.

During the late 1990’s Frank introduced Satellite Sound recording studios in Mt. Kisco, NY. The studio serves as a place for Frank to write and record, as well as network, teach and produce other acts. The magic of receiving and transmitting music can be best achieved by being knowledgeable in the recording and technological aspect of music. His relentless performing eventually led to interest from major labels. But, in an effort to keep his music fresh and alive, he opted for an independent company to fund his latest CD entitled ‘Makeshift Days”, released in May of 2003. Upon its release, Makeshift Days received many accolades. NBC’s hit show “Ed” featured a song from the disc in an episode. Good press came from The New York Times, Stamford Advocate and other newspapers. College stations through out the U.S. have been promoting his CD as well as major stations such as WAXQ and WPLJ in New York, which have featured the single “Falling Out Of Bed”. Even internet radio station personality, RadioMike, has become a fan. Recently, WPLR in New Haven has been promoting and featuring Frank Enea on live broadcasts in 2004. In addition to promoting his latest project, Frank has composed music for Showtime Networks, NBC, Viacom and PBS. The Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage has featured Frank’s original music in five episodes so far. He is currently residing in Westchester, New York with his wife and child, and working on his next project ...n the world" is how the NY Times, in a July 2003 feature article, described Frank Enea's music and vision of his future. Another quote bandied about was “The Return of Rock!” M  

Here the music:




Frank Enea is one of the most talented musician that I've met in America and I met a lot of them. His sense for melody and chord progression is sweet and twisted with Rock and Roll. Plays guitar amazingly well and little that I know him he is one of the most generous and kind man I have ever met. He is always selflessly looking to help others without being conscious about it. Please support his music and get his album Makeshift Days directly from You won't regret it. He deserves a spotlight as a real Rock and Roll star.


Nenad Bach


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