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(E) Risha Cupit, an honorary Croatian
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/22/2006 | Friends | Unrated
(E) Risha Cupit, an honorary Croatian


Risha Cupit




Zovem se Risha Cupit. Ja sam Amerikanica iz New Orleans, ali sada iz Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Imam tri Irska Vuka Lovacka psa. Takodjer, bavim se spasavanjem sismisa.

I have slowly been studying the Croatian language for one and half years. Although, I have studied many other languages, to me, Croatian is the most beautiful.

Boravila sam u Rujnu u Zagrebu, Splitu i Dubrovniku, I fell in love with Croatia.
Volim Hrvatska. Volim Hrvatski jezik. On je lijepa. Vise nego ista zelim tamo zivjeti. Something in Croatia calls to me, tells me I belong there, welcomes me...and knows my heart. Never have I felt this way before about any place I have been. My heart has never been so sad to leave a place as when I had to return to the USA.

Umjetnik sam. Ja sam slikarica, ukrasarica torte, pjesnikica i fotografkinja. Volim kosarka i ja fotograf Milwaukee Bucks NBA domaci igraci. My career goal is to be a sports and travel photographer.

In art I look for movement, fire of the spirit, freedom and life. In my life I live freely, with passion, desire and honesty. I search for knowledge, truth and experiences in everything.

Here are a few photographs I shot on my vacation last September. Hopefully, in them I have captured even a small percentage of the immense beauty that stole moj srce i dusa while I was there.

Uz srdacne pozdrave,







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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Marijan)

    that's a very beautiful article, Risha and even more beautiful pictures. Hope you will be able to make some more pictures on your next visit to Croatia! :)
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