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(H,E) SUPPORT Marcus Tanner Lecture in London March 21
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/15/2002 | Events | Unrated
(H,E) SUPPORT Marcus Tanner Lecture in London March 21
Gah! just to clarify its on 21 March! 
Time to come to London, pass onto to Croats (and sympatheziers!) who may be interested.: 
CSYPN - Lecture by Marcus Tanner, Thursday 21/3/02 
Dragi svi, 
(more details in English below) 
Povodom desetgodisnjice priznanja Republike 
Hrvatske Vas pozivamo na predavanje uvazenog 
autora i novinskog izvjestitelja (The 
Independent) Marcus-a Tanner-a. 
Predavanje, u suradnji sa nedavno osnovanim 
Imperial College Croatian Society, ce biti 
odrzano 21. ozujka na Imperial College-u, London. 
Nakon predavanja imati cete priliku kupiti 
potpisanu knjigu "Croatia: A Nation Forged in 
War" ciji je autor gospodin Tanner. CSYPN svima 
toplo preporucuje ovu knjigu. 
Vise detalja u nastavku poruke. 
What: Marcus Tanner: "Reporting the Croatian War" 
When: Thursday, 21 March 2002 
6.30pm for lecture at 7.00pm 
Where: Clore Theatre, 
180 Queen's Gate 
Imperial College 
London SW7 
Dear all, 
In order to celebrate 10 years of the Croatian 
recognition, we are please to invite you to a 
talk by the distinguished author and 
"The Independent" journalist Marcus Tanner 
entitled "Reporting the Croatian War". 
The event, organised in collaboration with 
Imperial College Croatian Society - ICCS, 
will take place on 21 March, at 6.30pm for 
lecture at 7.00pm at Imperial College, London. 
The talk will be introduced by the BBC's Adrian 
Chiles, who will chair a Q&A session afterwards. 
Mr Tanner is a veteran correspondent from 
Croatia for "The Independent" and author of 
the acclaimed "Croatia: A Nation Forged in War", 
which has been reissued in a new, updated 
edition. He is also the author of "Ireland's 
Holy Wars". Mr Tanner will give a talk on his 
experiences on reporting the Croatian war of 
Independence, during which he will discuss the 
PR efforts of the Croatian side. 
Autographed copies of the updated edition of 
the new edition of "Croatia: A Nation Forged 
in War" will be available for purchase at 
the discount rate of £7.00 (normal bookstore 
price is £9.99). 
This is an invaluable opportunity to convey 
an objective perspective to British people. 
Please come, bring some of your British 
friends and purchase the book. 
We hope you will be able to join us for what 
will be an informative and pleasant evening. 
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