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(E) University Women of Europe in Dubrovnik Oct 11-13
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/24/2002 | Events | Unrated
(E) University Women of Europe in Dubrovnik Oct 11-13
Hi! can you put this on your website. Its an invitation from University 
Women of Europe to attend and/or speak at a women's conference in Dubrovnik 
on Environment Protection and Health. 
and Programme Committee President 
Ms. Karine Henrotte-Forsberg 
 I have the great pleasure to welcome you all to the University Women of Europe (UWE). Meeting to be held at Hotel Park in Dubrovnik, Croatia, between October 11 and 13, 2002. 
These european meetings every year constitute a fabulous opportunity to get to know women from other european countries. It is also each time an occasion to discover a new country. This year through the courtesy of the Croatian federation of University Women, we shall have the pleasure to get to know Croatia. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the founding President, the President and her Board of the Croatian federation for making this possible. 
The theme chosen by the Croatian federation is "Environment Protection and Health - what can UWE do in the 21st century". The link between environment and Health is widely discussed in debates all over Europe today and UWE would like to make its contribution to this debate. 
Our aim is to explore through exchange of ideas the various environment factors and living conditions which lead to poor health and discrimination. But we would also like to see how UWE through our existing network can promote change and a positive development for women in the coming decades. 
May the knowledge gained in Dubrovnik become a platform for future cooperation between women of good will in order to save ourselves, our children and our planet. 
See you in Croatia! 
and Programme Committee Vice-president 
Prof. Nada Bešenski MD.PhD. 
 Dear UWE members, 
On behalf of the Croatian Association of University Women (CAUW) I am deeply honored to take opportunity to invite you to participate at the UWE Conference to be held at the Hotel Park in Dubrovnik, Croatia between October 11-and 13, 2002. 
CAUW celebrates 10 years anniversary and your participation will extremely contribute to our celebration. 
We are certain you will spend memorable time in the city of Dubrovnik, one of the oldest Croatian cities, real jewel at the Adriatic coast, the city rich of famous past and numerous cultural events. 
The theme we proposed "Environment protection and health - what can UWE do in the 21st century" is highlight at this very moment when many countries are faced with problems of food production, pollution of nature, illnesses increase and so on, having all that tremendous influence on our daily life style. 
The national societies of UWE will have a great opportunity to represent themselves during the Conference in a very friendly atmosphere. Sharing the time many ideas and experiences will be exchanged with the aim how to improve a living conditions in different countries in Europe stressing the role, which the UWE could have. We expect the Conference will yield the platform for future cooperation between UWE members and other prominent leaders throughout Europe who might have influence on making decision about better living conditions for all of us. 
Welcome to Dubrovnik, Croatia! 
The (DHI) is a voluntary, nonpartisan, nonprofit, self-funded organization of 250 women university graduates, established in 1992, on the occasion of the aggression on Croatia. In 1995 it was accepted as a member of IFUW in its name name, in English "Croatian Association of University Women" (CAUW). The members actively promote ethical, cultural, national and general human values. They belong to six branches in different parts of Croatia. In 1996 the CAUW became a member of University Women of Europe. 
We are commited to: 
promoting peace and tolerance protecting human rights improving the social, economic, professional, educational and family position of women participating in public life in a national and international framework in a spirit of cooperation, friendship and solidarity 
Who can join: 
Any woman with a university degree or a corresponding degree of some other institution of higher education who expresses the wish to become a member. 
National activities: 
On the National level: 
we help to present Croatia's image at home and abroad as a self-reliant and democratic country that honours human rights 
we collect documentation about the infringement of human rights during the aggression against Croatia and help in building up a normal and tolerant way of life 
we nurture links of friendship, understanding and cooperation with national IFUW and UWE members 
Local activities: 
On the Social level: 
we have organized an exhibition of documents presenting the results of the society's five years of work 
every year we organize a traditional celebration and cultural programme to mark Mother's Day in May 
we are planning to compile a "Who's Who" of famous and accomplished women in Croatia 
we have a special programme to support groups of village women who made exquisite traditional handwork in exile as part of psychosocial reintegration. Now these women have returned to their homes, and on the basisof their knowledge and skill they can found centres for handwork in their communities 
we are engaged in helping the renewal of the country, destroyed schools and households, the elderly, widows and children, invalids, single mothers, people suffering from various kinds of war trauma and the loss of those who were dearest to them. 
  At the triennial conference in Graz in August 1998 we will present a Workshop on the subject: The role of traditional handicraft as a psychological aid to women during the time of their exile (presentation and exhibition). 
Croatian Association of University Women (CAUW) 
Address: HR-10000 ZAGREB - Ksaver 200, CROATIA, EUROPE 
Tel./Fax.: +385 (0)1 46 77 521; Tel.: +385 (0)1 46 77 111 
Tel.: President: +385 (0)1 46 16 926; Secretary: +385 (0)1 65 26 430; CIR: +385 (0)1 48 19 830 
Prof.dr. Vjera Krstelj 
Head of Department for Quality at 
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb 
Director of Center of Technology Transfer, Zagreb 
tel: +385(01)6168497 fax: +385(01)6118710 
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