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(E) Praxis Peace Institute Conference in Dubrovnik, June 4-11
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/23/2002 | Events | Unrated
(E) Praxis Peace Institute Conference in Dubrovnik, June 4-11
Praxis Peace Institute Conference 
Integrating Spiritual Vision and Active Citizenship 
"… a journey to new places in the physical world can encourage 
a journey within to places where the mind has not been before." 
-Laurens van der Post 
"Our challenge is both to reenvision the world and then to act upon the vision." 
-Marianne Williamson 
Join us on the exquisite Adriatic coast for an in-depth exploration into the root causes of war and the root 
foundations of peace! Primarily a peace education non-profit organization, Praxis Peace Institute is committed 
to deep inquiry, whole systems analysis, creative problem solving, and spiritually informed activism. 
Commenting on wars of the 20ths century, former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara writes: 
"In retrospect, we can now understand these catastrophes for what they were: 
essentially the products of a failure of imagination…" 
During the conference, we will: 
Develop a manifesto for a "Practice of Peace" 
Define a "New Activism" that links spiritual consciousness and empathy with responsible citizenship. 
Explore war and peace in the contexts of historical cycles, culture, gender, race, economics, beliefs, 
spirituality, propaganda, and scapegoating 
Examine dominator and partnership models of social organization 
Integrate the lessons of history in a whole systems context 
Acquire tools for personal and social transfomation 
Build relationships and networks across cultures 
Form international study/research groups that focus on transformative change 
Enjoy the beauty and healing environment of our specatacular location 
"If you sow corn, you reap corn. If you sow beans, you reap beans. 
Why do we have to go through so many trials before we realize this?" 
-Thich Nhat Hanh 
For more information about the "Alchemy of Peace Building Conference" in Dubrovnik, Croatia 
June 4 — 11, 2002, go to: or call: 707 939-2973, email: 
or call Adriatic Sunshine Travel, Inc. USA/CANADA 1 800 247-5353 or 1 773 561-7444 
Or email: 
Hi Nenad! 
This is a wonderful conference that is taking place in Dubrovnik June 4 - 11, 2002 I hope you can post it and pass it on to everyone. 
It is being attended by well over 300 vips, form all over the US and the world and it is about "peace building" you can find more info on, Co sponsors are: The Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Fetzer Institute, Desa (Dubrovnik) and Fractal (Belgrade) 
The most wonderful thing about it is that it is happening in Dubrovnik and it is citizens taking "peace building" actively in their own hands and there will be many renowed speakers...etc. 
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