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(E) The sixth Croatian Internet Days in Rijeka June 12-14
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/27/2002 | Events | Unrated
(E) The sixth Croatian Internet Days in Rijeka June 12-14

Rijeka, 12, 13 & 14 June 2002


The sixth Croatian Internet Days will be held on 12, 13 & 14 June 2002 in Rijeka, Hrvatski kulturni dom na Susaku.

This year, the central theme is e-business, the challenge of new entrepreneurial possibilities and real assistance in the upcoming developmental cycle for the SME in Croatia.

During the first two event days, 12 & 13 June, the focus will be on assisting busy entrepreneurs and SME managers to gather more information on the following topics: 

  • Global indices and trends in e-business,
  • Requirements for integration into the European electronic economy,
  • Environment, resources and initiatives for development of e-business in Croatia,
  • Infrastructure for e-business and Croatian ISP, and
  • Solutions, applications and services for e-business and new business models.

 Third day, 14 June, offers ITcT professionals a look at: 

  • New computer and communication platforms and solutions,
  • New developmental concepts and tools, and
  • Solutions for network security, monitoring and management.

All lectures, videoconferences, workshops and commercial presentations are available free of charge for participants and visitors, as well as attendance for the official exhibition, Internet café and play stations.

We believe that the selection of today’s relevant themes and other subjects with the emphasis on solutions and applications (not only technology) are an appealing reason for you to join us. Detailed information and application forms will soon be available on our web site

We have the requirements and the infrastructure for e-business in Croatia.
We have the technology and the know-how.
You should take advantage of this event!
We are looking forward to meeting you!

 Sabina Prpic Smeh, event manager

 Dorotea Bralic Kumar, executive event manager

 Rijeka, March 2002.


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