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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/3/2002 | Events | Unrated



Last Saturday, October 26,2002 THE CROATIAN ACADEMY OF AMERICA held its Annual General Assembly in New York.It was well attended meeting with members coming from as far as South Carolina,Ohio,Massachusetts and Canada in addition to many from greater New York and New Jersey area.During a lively working meeting reports by the Executive Officers on the work during the previous year were given to members and were accepted.At its Executive Council Meeting earlier in the day the Board of the Academy approved $ 50,000 Fund Raising Drive.
Two pledges totaling $ 2,000 were already received.

THE CROATIAN ACADEMY OF AMERICA was founded on April 19,1953 in New York City.The first meeting took place on West 50th Street in New York, the old location of Croatian Catholic Church Sts. Cyril and Methodius which incidentally is celebrating its ninetieth anniversary next year (2003).

During the last twelve months the most important achievement was publishing Journal of Croatian Studies Volume 41.The 220-page thematic issue deals with the language identity of the Croats and includes several contributions from scholars in Croatia.Please see Academy's web site: 
(Press Releases)

(Preamble to the Constitution of the Croatian Academy of America adopted April 19,1953 in New York City).

Inspired by the persistent desire of the Croatian Nation for its proper dignity before all men, realizing that no People can make a responsible contribution towards a peaceful and democratic world without being freely self-determined i.e. endowed with the right to choose its own sovereign state, recollecting that Croatian liberty has been frustrated for centuries because of tyranny from without and within, conscious that the denial of freedom at home often requires the conservation of the national genius abroad, mindful that the friendly guardianship of the just aspirations of men has always been the keynote of American hospitality, we herewith establish and constitute The Croatian Academy of America. 

The Annual Reception/Dinner was an extraordinary evening. Among a festive crowd that spanned three generations and Croats from three continents there were many new friendships formed.President Vedran Joseph Nazor welcomed guests and Academy members.Among distinguished guests were General Consul of the Republic of Croatia in New York Mr.Domagoj Kero,Academy's Honorary President For Life Mr.Karlo Mirth, Academy's President Emeritus Dr. Maria Krocker Tuskan and founding member of the AcademyMs.Vlasta-Cvitanovic Jantzi. Many congratulatory letters were received including one from the Croatian Fraternal Union in Pittsburhg,Pa. President Nazor thanked Croatian Radio Club-New York 
"Voice of Free Croatia" founded in 1969 and Radio Club's President Mr.Vinko Kuzina for its many years of support.He also recognized Academy's long serving (1994)Executive Secretary Mr.Mladen Lolic for his tireless work who also doubles as Circulation Manager.Academy is in excellent position with many young members taking on torch and carrying on the goals of the Academy.

The purpose for which the Academy is formed is: 

To educate the members and public generally concerning Croatian literature, culture and history by sponsoring lectures on these subjects and by procuring and causing to have published articles on these subjects in the organization's Journal of the Croatian Studies. 
To receive voluntary contributions from members and donors and gifts from benefactors to be used and applied of, the aforesaid educational purpose. 

In his speech Nazor touched on the close cooperation Academy has with Academic institutions in Croatia.Last issues of the Journal of Croatian Studies have seen many contributions from scholars in Croatia.He also thanked Tuskan Endowment Fund for its contributions in publishing Journal of Croatian Studies. The audience was spellbound during Karlo Mirth's speech that touched upon early days of the Academy.Mr.Mirth who is the managing editor of the Journal of Croatian Studies invited all to get involved in the work of the Academy.Since 1960 Academy has published 41 Volumes with Journal of the Croatian studies Volume 42 to be published by the end of the year.

In his concluding remarks President Nazor reminded all of the Academy's Fiftieth Year Gala Anniversary Celebration on April 26,2003 in New York City.

Submitted by Vedran Joseph Nazor-N.Y. N.Y.

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