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(E) Croatian Topics at AAASS in Boston
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/4/2004 | Events | Unrated
(E) Croatian Topics at AAASS in Boston


AAASS is the largest Slavic studies organization in the US


The AAASS is the largest Slavic studies organization in the US. It is holding its annual convention in Boston this Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (December 4-7, 2004). There are literally scores of panels. I have set forth below some which may of of interest to readers (including one where yours' truly will be speaking). The events take place at the Boston Marriott Copley Place at 110 Huntington Avenue in downtown Boston.

John Kraljic


SESSION 1 * SATURDAY * 1:30 - 3:30 P.M.

1-08 Bosnia-Herzegovina: Ten Years after Dayton: A Grassroots,
Geographical, and Historical View of Dayton Bosnia - Simmons

Chair: John R. Lampe, U of Maryland

Papers: Paula Pickering, College of William and Mary
"Views of Ordinary People Regarding the Hopes and Progress for
Reconciliation in Post-War Bosnia-Herzegovina"

Daniel Michael Rhea, U of Maryland
"The 1939 Serbian-Croatian Sporazum: A Blueprint for Regionalization?"

Gerard Toal, Virginia Tech, and Carl Dahlman, U of South Carolina
"The West Bank and Drina: Ethnic Engineering and Land Allocation in the
Republika Srpska"

Disc.: Richard D. Kauzlarich, National Intelligence Office for Europe

1-27 Information or Propaganda? Advertising in Socialist Eastern Europe -
Salon J

Chair: Laurie S. Koloski, College of William and Mary

Papers: Bradley F. Abrams, Columbia U
"'Reklama' or 'Propogace'? The Almost Rise and Telling Fall of Socialist
Advertising in Czechoslovakia"

Patrick H. Patterson, UC, San Diego
"Capitalist Tool? Commercial Promotion, Marketing, and the Problem of
'Socialist Advertising' in Hungary and Yugoslavia"

Jonathan R. Zatlin, Boston U
"Selling Socialism: Advertising in East Germany, 1971-1989"
Disc.: Mark Pittaway, The Open U (UK)

SESSION 2 * SATURDAY * 3:45 - 5:45 P.M.

2-01 South Slavic Literature and Ideology - Boston College
Chair: Henry R. Cooper, Jr., Indiana U

Papers: Marko Juvan, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Slovenia)
"Parodic Writing, National Canon, and Hegemony: Literary Modernism in a
Communist Context (Some Slovenian Examples)"

Slobodan Prosperov Novak, Yale U
"Figures of Fear in the Theater of Marin Drzic"

Bogdan Rakic, U of Chicago
"The Humanist as Cannibal: Borislav Pekic's 'How to Quiet a Vampire'"

Disc.: Radmila J. Gorup, Columbia U

2-03 State and Development in Former Communist States - Brandeis

Chair: Ioannis Armakolas, U of Cambridge (UK)

Papers: Karlo Basta, U of Toronto (Canada)
"States and Industrial Policies in Independent Estonia and Slovenia"

Maja Catic, Brandeis U
"State-Building and Development in Bosnia Post Dayton: A Look at the
Bosnian Development Strategy"

Benjamin H. Loring, Brandeis U
"State-Building in Central Asia: The Kyrgyz Experience"
Disc.: Steven L. Burg, Brandeis U

2-30 Musical Pan-Slavism in Habsburg Lands during the Late Nineteenth
and Early Twentieth Centuries - Yarmouth

Chair: Ivan Runac, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Papers: William A. Everett, U of Missouri, Kansas City
"Slavs Creating Slavs: Slavic Self-Imagining in Operetta"

Vjera Katalinic, Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences
"Musical Pan-Slavism among Southern Slavs: The Case of the Croatian
Musicologist Franjo Ksaver Kuhac (1834-1911)"

Cathryn Wilkinson, SUNY, Plattsburgh
"The Sacred Dimension in Slovak Pan-Slavicism"
Disc.: Marijan Despalatovic, Connecticut College

2-35 Systems in Conflict: Eastern European Folk Beliefs and the Other -
Rhode Island

Chair: Mario Fenyo, Bowie State U
Papers: Anna Brzozowska-Kraijka, Maria Curie-Sklodowska U (Poland)
"Coexistence or Conflict? The Problem of Dual Belief in Polish Folklore"

Marija Dalbello, Rutgers U
"Diffusion, Invention, or Production of Culture? Popular Print and the
Formation of Historical Consciousness in the Croatian Diaspora
Community in the 1950s"

Andriy Nahachewsky, U of Alberta (Canada)
"Ukrainian Canadian Dance: Tensions between the Folk, National, and
Spectacular Paradigms"

Disc.: Veronica E. Aplenc, U of Pennsylvania


SESSION 3 * SUNDAY * 8:00 - 10:00 A.M.

3-09 Croatia and the European International Organizations - Suffolk

Chair: James Joseph Sadkovich, Texas A&M U Press

Papers: Antoine Cloutier, Laval U (Canada)
"Croatia and European Union"

Reneo Lukic, Laval U (Canada)
"Croatia and ICTY"

Jean-Francois Morel, Laval U (Canada)
"Croatia and the NATO"

Disc.: Jadranko Prlic, South East Institute (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Dean Vuletic, Columbia U

3-11 Codependency and Regime Change: Lessons from Southeastern
Europe - Wellesley

Chair: Robin Remington, Peace Haven Intl

Papers: Elez Biberaj, Voice of America
"Albanian-Kosova Connection: Lesson for Regime Change"

Francine Friedman, Ball State U
"Reinventing Yugoslavia: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina"

Obrad Kesic, TSM Global Consultants, LLC
"Political, Ideological, and Emotional Splits in Serbian Society"

Disc.: Colette Mazzucelli, Columbia U

SESSION 4 * SUNDAY * 10:15 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.

4-05 International Intervention and Local Politics in the Balkans - MIT

Chair: Timothy J. Pershing, Brandeis U

Papers: Ioannis Armakolas, U of Cambridge (UK), and Silvia Lauzzana, U of
Cambridge (UK)

"Humanitarian Aid, Local Politics, and the Political Economy of War: A
Case Study from Bosnia-Herzegovina"

Mieczyslaw P. Boduszynski, UC, Berkeley
"Building State Capacity in International Protectorates: Lessons from
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia"

Bojan Petrovic, UC, Irvine
"European Union Adaptive Pressures and Political Party Systems of
(Potential) Candidate States: The Cases of Croatia and Serbia"

Disc.: Steven L. Burg, Brandeis U

4-16 New Voices in Post-Communist Literature and Art - Orleans

Chair: Thomas Peter Hodge, Wellesley College

Papers: Justyna Anna Beinek, U of Toronto
"Western Culture a la polonaise: Imports and Rejects"

Olga S. Partan, Wellesley College
"Post-Soviet Estrada: Infatuation with the West and Nostalgia for the Past"

Cynthia F. Simmons, Boston College
"Miljenko Jergovic and Yugo-Nostalgia"

Disc.: Tatiana Smorodinskaya, Middlebury College

SESSION 5 * SUNDAY * 2:00 - 4:00 P.M.

5-02 Conflict and Politics in the Twentieth-Century South Slavic Literatures -
Boston University

Chair: Andrew Baruch Wachtel, Northwestern U

Papers: Gordana Crnkovic, U of Washington
"Catastrophes of the Intimate in Miroslav Krleza"

Aida Vidan, Harvard U
"Killing Words: Croatian and Bosnian War Fiction since the 1990s"

Ivana Vitomir Vuletic, UNC, Chapel Hill
"Novels of Milica Micic-Dimovska"

Disc.: Tomislav Z. Longinovic, U of Wisconsin, Madison
Bogdan Rakic, U of Chicago

5-15 Sounds as Identity Symbols: The Potential for a "Musical Turn" in the
Study of Modern Eastern Europe - (Roundtable) - Nantucket

Chair: Larry Wolff, Boston College

Part.: Halina Goldberg, Indiana U
Lynn M. Hooker, Indiana U

Sarah Anne Kent, U of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
Lynn M. Sargeant, California State U, Fullerton

Philipp Ther, European U (Germany)


6-14 New Balkan States: Road to Economic Vitality - Hyannis

Chair: Russell O. Prickett, Independent Scholar

Papers: Svetlana Adamovic, U of Belgrade (Yugoslavia) and Gordana Pesakovic,
Argosy U
"Serbia-Montenegro: One or Two Economies?"

Ljubisa (Stevan) Adamovich, Florida State U
"FYR of Macedonia: Interrupted Growth"

Azra Hadziahmetovic, U of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
"Bosnia and Herzegovina: New Issues of Economic Development"
Disc.: Jasminka Ninkovic, Emory U

SESSION 8 * MONDAY * 2:00 - 4:00 P.M.

8-06 Reassessing the Causes and the Course of the Muslim-Croat Conflict
in Bosnia-Herzegovina - Northeastern

Chair: Ante Cuvalo, Joliet Junior College

Papers: Marko A. Hoare, U of Cambridge (UK)
"The Bosnian Army and the Croat Defense Council, 1992-1995"

James Joseph Sadkovich, Texas A&M U Press
"Road to War in Central Bosnia"

Charles R. Shrader, Independent Scholar
"Military Misperceptions: The Muslim-Croat Civil War in Central Bosnia,

Disc.: Robert J. Donia, U of Michigan
Zdenka Gredel-Manuele, Niagara U

8-35 Augustin Ujevic: The Man/The Myth - Rhode Island

Chair: Audrey Helfant Budding, Harvard U

Papers: Ellen Elias-Bursac, Harvard U
"Tin Ujevic: The Self-Made Myth"

Giga Graca, Croatian Radio
"Is Ujevic Still Our Contemporary?"

Srecko Lipovcan, Ivo Pilar Institute of Social Sciences (Croatia)
"The Young Ujevic"

Disc.: Aida Vidan, Harvard U

SESSION 9 * TUESDAY * 8:00 - 10:00 A.M.

9-08 Searching for New Cultural Coordinates in South Slavic Literatures -

Chair: Daniela S. Hristova, U of Chicago

Papers: Lauren Lydic, U of Toronto

"Naming that Tune: The Influence of Walt Whitman's 'Song of Myself' on
Stevan Raickovic's 'Pesma trave'"

Mirna Solic, U of Toronto (Canada)
"The Influence of Bosnian 'Sevdah' and Oriental Elements on the Poetry
of Croatian Nineteenth-Century Poet Luka Botic"

Snezana Zabic, UNC, Wilmington
"The Importance of Memory in the Works of Two South Slavic Writers in
Exile: Aleksandar Hemon and Josip Novakovich"
Disc.: Ellen Elias-Bursac, Harvard U

9-31 East European Immigrants and Communist Newspapers in the United
States - Connecticut

Chair: Thomas Allan Emmert, Gustavus Adolphus College

Papers: John Kraljic
"The Evolution of Croatian Communist Newspapers in the U.S. and Canada"

Thomas L. Sakmyster, U of Cincinnati
"A Communist Newspaper for Hungarian-Americans: The Strange World
of the Uj Elore"

Jason C. Vuic, The Ohio State U
"South Slavic (un)Americans: 'Slobodna Rec' and 'Narodni Glasnik' before
Congressional Subcommittees"

Disc.: June Granatir Alexander, U of Cincinnati

SESSION 10 * TUESDAY * 10:15 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.

10-02 The Croatian Peasant Party from Its Beginning to 1948: A Hundred
Years of Political Struggle - Boston University - Sponsored by: Association
for Croatian Studies

Chair: Joseph T. Bombelles, John Carroll U

Papers: Elinor Murray Despalatovic, Connecticut College
"Economic Program of the Croatian Peasant Party"

Mario Jareb, Croatian Institute of History (Croatia)
"Treatment of the HSS and Dr. Macek by the Ustasha-Domobran
Movement from 1930 to April 1941"

Amy Katherine Schmidt, National Archives
"The HSS in Exile 1945-1948"

Disc.: John Peter Kraljic, Garfunkel, Wild & Travis, PC

Jure Kristo, Croatian Institute of History (Croatia)

10-03 Contemporary Slovene History and Politics: Recent Research by Young
Scholars - Brandeis

Chair: Karl W. Ryavec, U of Massachusetts, Amherst

Papers: Alenka Barber-Kersovan, U of Hamburg (Germany)
"Work in the Name of Revolution: Slovene Punks and the De-Construction
of the Soviet Work Ethos"

Charles Fletcher, Institute of Defense Analysis
"Is There a Case for Slovene Exceptionalism?"
Tamara Kotar, Carleton U (Canada)

"Heroics versus Humble Histories: A Brief Comparative Political History of
Slovenia and Croatia"

Disc.: Cathie Carmichael, U of East Anglia (UK)
Sarah Anne Kent, U of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

10-12 Andrija Kacic Miosic and Croatian Literature - Cape Cod

Chair: Ralph B. Bogert, U of Toronto (Canada)

Papers: Vinko Grubisic, U of Waterloo (Canada)
"Reception of 'Pleasant Conversations of the Slavic People' in the
English-Speaking World"

Gabrijel Jurisic, "Kacic" Editor
"Andrija Kacic Miosic in the Modern Era"

Anita Mikulic-Kovacevic, U of Toronto (Canada)
"Chronicle of the Priest of Dioclea and Andrija Kacic Miosic's 'Pleasant

Conversations of the Slavic People'"
Disc.: Ivo Soljan, Grand Valley State U

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