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(E) Mine Action Academy, Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/13/2004 | Environment | Unrated
(E) Mine Action Academy, Croatia



announces enrolment in its 2004/2005 B.Sc. program in English:

Dear Mr Bach,

Thank you very much for your offered help. It is big challenge for all of us but Croatia has, unfortunately, very big experience in the field of humanitarian demining with lots of expert. Therefore, we have to do it in the best way we can and help to our and many other countries in solving of the mines problem. With potential that Croatia has, we believe in success of very high quality education in this filed what will results with safer future. Below is the text about our Mine Action Academy.

S postovanjem,

Alen Stranjik,
Zamjenik direktora za poslovanje
Veleučilište Velika Gorica
Tel: +385 1 6224 653
Fax: +385 1 6222 501

MINE ACTION ACADEMY, CROATIA, announces enrolment in its 2004/2005 B.Sc. program in English:

Humanitarian Demining

Mine Action Academy (MAA) at the Polytechnic College Velika Gorica (PCVG), CROATIA, is the international civil engineering study with emphasis on providing knowledge and professional degree of B.Sc. in humanitarian demining. The working language is English. The study is also provided in the Croatian language.
The Engineer of humanitarian demining will be able to participate in a number of activities.
MAA chain illustrates the activities within the humanitarian demining system.
Promote awareness of the need for mine clearance activities
Stimulate interest and activate market
Stimulate political and legal activities
Implement economic and financial activities
Setting of requirements and standards
Research and development of methods and technologies
Management of information and knowledge
Destruction and removal
Education and training
Certification and accreditation
System planning and provision of the means
Mine detection and removal
Transport and storage
Destruction and disposal
Supervision and quality control

Mines are a growing problem at this rate of demining. We are losing the battle since many more mines are planted than extracted. It is necessary to accelerate the effort in order to turn around the trend. That is possible by "smart investing" which means supporting new technologies and education.
The challenge for the International community is demining and overcoming of the mine problem in the next 10-15 years in all mine-polluted countries (91). Approximately 30,000 casualties are reported worldwide every year.
The plan of deactivating 84,000,000 mines has been declared by most of the official documents but with the current dynamic this would require 1250 years and approximately 30 billion dollars and NO NEW MINES. According to the UN statistics approximately 200 new mines are laid down in the ground every 30 minutes.
For example: in the year 1995, 80,000 mines were deactivated but 2,500,000 were spread around.
Therefore, it is very important to provide high quality education which can quickly meet international capacity and necessity in the field of humanitarian demining.
The Diploma of Humanitarian Demining at the Mine Action Academy (MAA) increases your chance to find quickly a job in numerous mine-polluted countries and countries which are involved in mine action activities in all fields of humanitarian demining.
After having completed the study, the students acquire 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and the professional title of an engineer (bachelor) of humanitarian demining.

Study duration
2 years of theory - lectures
1/2 year practical work
1/2 year diploma work
B. Sc. Humanitarian Demining
Why study in Croatia at MAA
Maximum Quality

MAA is based upon existing Croatian experience in Humanitarian demining and higher education system that has traditionally produced high quality professionals.

Maximum Convenience

Central European location, proximity of airport, proximity to testing / practice facilities and fields; as well as country's openness and hassle-free immigration will enable candidates and faculty to devote more time to education and professional advancement.

Competitive pricing Reasonable tuition fees and low cost of living in Croatia will make high quality education possible for qualifying candidates with limited funds

Please, find out more about MAA on

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