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(E) Five Cities in Croatia Ban Animal Circus Performances
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/31/2005 | Environment | Unrated
(E) Five Cities in Croatia Ban Animal Circus Performances


Five Cities in Croatia Ban Animal Circus Performances
Prijatelji Zivotinja

31 October 2005

Velika Gorica, Rovinj and Split joined Mursko Sredisce and Varazdin and banned the circuses with animal performances. Prijatelji zivotinja (Friends of Animals) association invites the other Croatian cities and townships to eliminate the unethical practice of torture of animals.

Circus animals are subjecte to substandard accommodation and frequent changes of climate and habitat.
Velika Gorica, Rovinj and Split are the latest Croatian cities that banned circuses with animal performances, thus joining Mursko Sredisce and Varazding that adopted such bans earlier this month.

The five cities follow the example of Venice, Vienna, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro and hundreds of other cities all over the world that have declared circuses unwanted within the city limits.

The Prijatelji zivotinja association expects for other Croatian cities to join the initiative and respond to their appeal.

The ethical awareness of the citizens regarding the suffering of animals in traveling circuses rises daily, reflected in the decisions of the city councils that follow the will of the citizens and care about the good reputation of their cities and municipalities.

The bans were provoked by the immense cruelty of methods used by circuses to train, transport and accommodate the animals, in the absence of proper legal standards.


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