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(E) Croatian Aussie attempts Adriatic crossing
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/8/2006 | Environment | Unrated
(E) Croatian Aussie attempts Adriatic crossing


Aussie attempts Adriatic crossing

From correspondents in London
March 10, 2006

A PERTH man will tackle 300km of treacherous open sea in a kayak this weekend.

Shane Braddock, 34, will re-enact the perilous voyage across the Adriatic by Croatians fleeing to the west to escape communism. He plans to cross the Adriatic from the Croatian city of Split to Pescara in Italy in five days, despite the risk of violent storms which are common at this time of the year.

Many political refugees lost their lives trying to escape the former communist state of Yugoslavia on that route before the fall of the iron curtain. The crossing has not been attempted since. Mr Braddock said the journey is also intended to emphasise the need to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

"I was born in Western Australia but my mother comes from Croatia while my colleague, who is accompanying me, Ray Fusco, 39, is an Italian-American," Mr Braddock said.

"We want to show to both countries in the Adriatic that they need to preserve the nature and clear sea they have. "You can't find a better place in the world where history, food, wine and clear water go together so well." The pair will leave Split on Saturday.,20281,18411915-5001028,00.html,7034,18411915%255E1702,00.html,5478,18411915%255E1702,00.html

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