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(E) MUST SEE THIS WEEKEND "Harrison's Flowers"
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/15/2002 | Entertainment | Unrated
(E) MUST SEE THIS WEEKEND "Harrison's Flowers"
I noticed the submission from my friend Igor Kovacevic to go see Harrison's Flowers. Well, I just got back 
from a 10pm Friday night showing at a multiplex that is a 10 minute drive from San Pedro (where nearly 
30,000 Croatians live) and aside from my wife and I there were only 4 other people in the theater. 
I implore all Croatians to go support this film. I must warn you that it can be a difficult and emotional 
film for us to watch, but it will be a crying shame if we choose to ignore this film -- especially in light of 
the fact that we are consistently frustrated by how the media has depicted the war. 
 It is a must see picture for Croatians! 
Aside from a couple of references, this film would be accused of being Croatian propaganda if it were 
made by one of our filmmakers (the director is French). The West never wanted this type of story told. It 
somehow better suited them to paint us all with the same brush as they sat on the side and made smug 
comments about how equally barbaric we all were. 
It is interesting because it has become so politically correct in Western media to keep a balanced 
perspective with regard to the war that I was actually shocked by some of the images of Serbian 
atrocities and by comments of the film's characters regarding Serbian brutality. Funny, I am never 
shocked when a film depicts Nazis in this way. How gratifying and courageous for a filmmaker to put 
aside political correctness and show the true aggression perpetrated by the Serbs in Croatia. 
Bravo to Harrison's Flowers and shame on us if we don't support it! 
I saw the movie last night. There were few viewers at 9:35 at night in New York. 
Film DESERVES our FULL SUPPORT. Period. If we couldn't make such a film (and that is criticism to our 
film industry. Big one. Big failure so far), then GO and Support someone's else effort. 
There are few sentences that we would like to edit, but the film is THE BEST so far. Vukovar and what 
really happened there. We are forgetting it with the speed of light. It is only 11 years and not 11 centuries 
since it happened. Nothing big happening on the WAR REPARATION front. Not to go too deep into the 
subject: Please invite your friend and go to support the film. Through poetic love story, we see the worst 
and the best of the human race. 
I will go to see the film AGAIN, inviting others. Not that it was easy to get up at 9 pm, when you want to 
rest at home with the family. Believe me. But if we all do not take AN EXTRA MILE, nothing will happen in our lifetime. 
All Croatian RADIO STATIONS should promote the film. All Croatian NEWSPAPERS as well as TV stations. Plus we should do more to thank the creators of the film and the actual heros who went through the hell of war, for us to be able to live to this moment to see some truth on the screen. 
Nenad Bach 
Editor in chief 
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