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(E) Two thousand fans greet Oscar-award winner in Sarajevo
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/5/2002 | Entertainment | Unrated
(E) Two thousand fans greet Oscar-award winner in Sarajevo
Two thousand fans greet Oscar-award winner Danis Tanovic in downtown Sarajevo 
Fri Apr 5, 2002 
SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Some 2,000 people gathered Friday on Sarajevo's main downtown square to cheer Danis Tanovic, the writer-director who won Biosnia's first Academy Award. 
"I'm happy and calm because I came back home. I simply came back home to my parents, my friends and my people," Tanovic said, taking his Oscar out of his backpack and holding it up for the crowd to see. 
Tanovic, 33, whose film, "No Man's Land," won this year's Oscar for best foreign-language film, arrived in his hometown to accept on Saturday the city's annual "April 6" award — given to citizens who make distinguished contributions to society. The "April 6" award is in honor of the city's liberation from Nazi Germany on that day in 1945. 
"No Man's Land," a satire of the 1992-95 Bosnian war that devastated the country, won a total of 42 film awards, including a Golden Palm award at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival (news - web sites), before being nominated for the Academy of Motion Picture's Oscar. 
The violent war satire is about enemy soldiers — one Bosnian and one Serb — trapped together in a battlefield trench. It captures the absurdity of the war, the cruelty of ethnic hatred and the ineffectiveness of United Nations (news - web sites) forces during the conflict. 
The dlrs 1 million budget film was shot on location in neighboring Slovenia, as filming in postwar Bosnia proved too risky. The film's lead roles were played by Branko Djuric, a native Sarajevan, and Rene Bitorajac, who was born in Zagreb, Croatia. 
Tanovic left Bosnia in 1994 and now lives in Paris. 
Few days ago, I spoke with Cedo Kolar, producer of the film from his studio in Paris. He sent his greetings to CROWN subscribers. Support the film in few months, when it comes out on DVD 
Nenad Bach 
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