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(E) Jigsaw Dubrovnik by Hellie from bellaonline
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/6/2004 | Entertainment | Unrated
(E) Jigsaw Dubrovnik by Hellie from bellaonline


Jigsaw Dubrovnik by Hellie
BellaOnline's Walking Editor

My name is Hellie and I’m your walking host.

I live high on a hill overlooking the beautiful Forest of Dean UK, which I think has some of the best walks in the country.This means of course whenever I go out walking, the journey back is always very uphill!
I’ve walked miles on the Great Wall of China, in Nepal, in Oregon, Canada and Europe.
I have always enjoyed walking and this year I shall be off on walking holidays in Croatia and in Tuscany, Italy.
I try to walk at least 5 miles at the weekends and on a good weekend maybe 15 -18.

I teach part-time at a local comprehensive school and in my spare time enjoy keeping chickens, my favourites are Marans.

I also host the English Garden site at Bellonline.

I’d like this site to become the best walker’s site on the web.
Please email me your favourite walks, places, achievements and tips - I’d love to hear from you.

If you would like to send me a comment, question or suggestion, please feel free to Email Me!


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