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(E) Education: Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2002-2003
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/19/2002 | Education | Unrated
(E) Education: Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2002-2003
Kevin Hallinan 
Assistant Director 
Institute for the Study of Europe 
Columbia University 
The Institute for the Study of Europe at Columbia University invites 
applications for a postdoctoral fellowship for the 2002/3 academic year. 
We are looking for a social scientist with an expertise in the Balkans 
and/or Cyprus. He/she will be involved in developing a research project 
that focuses on ethnically divided communities in comparative 
perspective and the role of the EU in southeastern Europe and the 
eastern Mediterranean. He/she will also be expected to teach a 
graduate-level course in this field in the spring of 2003. Applications 
must include: a c.v., statement of research interests, a detailed budget 
of all funding that the applicant would need to receive from the 
Institute, and three letters of recommendation. To be forwarded by March 
15, 2002, to: Professor John Micgiel, Executive Director, Institute for 
the Study of Europe, Columbia University, email: 
Note: Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for Columbia University's 
medical plans. 
This message is intended for Croatian Associations/Institutions and their 
Friends in Croatia and in the World. The opinions/articles expressed on 
this list do not reflect personal opinions of the moderator. If the reader 
of this message is not the intended recipient, please delete or destroy all 
copies of this communication and please, let us know! 
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    good lucke
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