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(E,H) Moravian Croatian Dictionary - Rjecnik Moravskih Hrvatov
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/13/2002 | Education | Unrated
(E,H) Moravian Croatian Dictionary - Rjecnik Moravskih Hrvatov
Moravian Croatian Dictionary 
Rjecnik Moravskih Hrvatov 
(Feb/Veljace 13) 
Work has begun on a dictionary of Moravian Croatian, which is the most 
western branch of the Burgenland Croatians. Mijo Loncaric, a linguist in 
Zagreb, the started the project. Jozo Lavicka, a Moravian Croatian living in Vienna will be assisting the project. The Moravian Croatian dictionary is planned to be completed within three years. The Moravian Croatian Dictionary will be sponsored by the Institute 
for the Croatian Language and Linguistics in Zagreb, and will be printed in cooperation with institutions in the Czech Republic. Historian Dragutin Pavlicevic wrote a monograph about the Moravian Croatians, who lived in three villages in southern Moravia [in the Czech Republic] until 1948, when they were scattered throught the Czech Republic 
by the Communists 
Pred kratkim se je pocelo djelo na rjecniku Moravskih Hrvatov, 
najazapadnijoj grani Gradi canskih Hrvatov. Projekt rjecnika je pokrenuo 
Mijo Loncaric, jezikoslovac iz Zagreba. On je kot glavnoga suradnika, 
zadobio Moravskoga Hrvata, ki ivi u Becu, Jozu Lavicku. Rjecnik Moravskih 
Hrvatov neka bude gotov u 3 ljeti. Nositelj projekta "Rjecnik Moravskih 
Hrvatov" je Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje u Zagrebu, a iskat 
cedu i suradnju s institucijami u Ceskoj. O Moravski Hrvati, ki su prije 
ivili u tri seli na jugu Moravske i pak 1948. ljeta od komunistov raseljeni 
po cijeloj Ceskoj, je dosle iza la monografija povijesnicara Dragutina 
Marko Puljic 
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