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(E) The Gates Cambridge Scholarships
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/14/2002 | Education | Unrated
(E) The Gates Cambridge Scholarships


The Gates Cambridge Scholarships



With a munificent benefaction from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, theGates Cambridge Trust has established, with effect from October 2001, ascheme of Gates Cambridge Scholarships, for scholars of outstanding academicmerit and leadership potential from every country of the world other thanthe United Kingdom, who are committed to serving their communities, and whogain admission to the University of Cambridge to pursue courses of study asfollows:

- second Bachelor degree as an affiliated student;
- one-year postgraduate courses;
- research leading to the degree of PhD.

The Gates Cambridge Trust intends to offer a substantial number of awardsannually, which will cover the costs of studying at Cambridge. Some of theseawards will be for students from the United States of America; but studentsfrom all countries, including the countries of the European Union other thanthe United Kingdom, will be eligible to be considered for the GatesCambridge Scholarships.

In selecting Gates Cambridge Scholars, the Trust seeks students ofexceptional academic achievement and scholarly promise for whom furtherstudy at Cambridge would be particularly appropriate. Students will need toprovide evidence of their ability to make a significant contribution totheir discipline, either by research, or by teaching, or by using theirlearning creatively in their chosen profession.

Over time, Gates Cambridge Scholars will form an integral part and dynamicpart of the University's influential international alumni network, bringingvision and commitment to improving the lives of citizens throughout theworld. Gates Cambridge Scholars will be expected to be leaders in addressingglobal problems relating to learning, technology, health and social equity,which are amon the prime purposes of the benefactors of the Trust, the Billand Melinda Gates Foundation. The scholars are thus expected to use theireducation for the benefit of others and to show commitment to improving thecommon weal.


The Gates Cambridge Scholarships cover:

A. University and College fees at the applicable rates
1. where an applicant from overseas has been successfully nominated for anORS award, the University Composition Fee will be paid at the home rate.
2.where a student from the European Union has been successful in gaining afees award from public authorities, the Trust will not pay these fees.

B. - a maintenance allowance sufficient for a single student (¨7,750 for 12months for 2002-03)

C. a further discretionary allowance (¨1,500 per annum for 2002-03)

D. one return economy airfare


The Gates Cambridge Scholarship programme is an international competition.There is some variation in procedure for application between countries, andthe competition may run along different timetables to meet the academicschedules of different parts of the world.

For applicants from universities operating according to the North Americansystem, candidates will be expected to have excellent transcripts showingevidence of sustained academic achievement in study, together withreferences able to speak knowledgeably about the candidate's actual academicperformance and his or her potential for scholarly growth.

In addition, applicants for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship will have theopportunity to set out their own ambitions for the future, and to show howstudy at Cambridge would help them achieve their personal goal. They willalso be invited to nominate a referee who can write knowledgably about themas people, and who can comment authoritatively on their non-academicattributes and achievements.

A Gates Cambridge Scholarship can only be taken up by a student who has beenadmitted to Cambridge through the University's normal application procedurs.These are separate from the selection procedures for selection as a GatesCambridge Scholar. Please note, those applying for a Master's or Doctoralstudy are admitted to Cambridge through the Board of Graduate Studies; thoseapplying for a second Bachelor's degree are admitted by a College.


Application materials can be found on their website at: 

If you do have any further queries, in the first instance you should putthese in writing to the Trust via post or e-mail.

Gates Cambridge Trust
PO Box 252
Cambridge CB2 1TZ


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