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(E) Summer School in Zadar for Croatian Language
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/9/2002 | Education | Unrated
(E) Summer School in Zadar for Croatian Language


in Z a d a r, Croatia

(3 levels: beginners, intermediate & advanced)
1. term: October 20 - December 20, 2002
2. term: March 30 - May 30, 2003
(Attention: Foreign students can be at the same time guest auditors
at all studies of the University of Zadar.

(3 levels: beginners, intermediate & advanced)
1. term: June 1 - June 21, 2003 (Only for beginners!)
2. term: July 27 - August 16, 2003
3. term: August 31 - September 20, 2003
(Attention: The course under 2. is in cooperation with Croatian
Heritage Foundation)

(3 levels: beginners, intermediate & advanced)
Term: July 6 - July 19, 2003

(3 levels: beginners, intermediate & advanced -
professionals, diplomats, students, family members
and friends of non-Croatian language background, etc.)
Attention: Beginning & duration of the course can be
arranged according to the time available.



The course is intended for students in Slavic studies & all those
who would like to learn about Croatian language and culture.
Students attending must be sixteen or older.

It covers:
Learning about Croatian language structure at all levels, based on
various texts (songs, anecdotes, jokes, newspaper articles, magazines,
standard texts, videos, etc.)

Practicing the acquired knowledge in discussions dealing with
specific questions, and according to the level of Croatian language
competence of students

The history of the Croatian language and Croatian dialectology
Glagolitic monuments.

The comparison of Croatian language with other similar languages,
especially South - Slavic languages

Croatian proverbs and phrases in comparison with other languages
Standard Croatian terminology (juridical, economics, informatics and
similar) in comparison with other languages

Croatian linguistic purism (continuity, discontinuity, re-continuity)
Croatian literature in European context

Learning about the Croatian culture, history and geography,
especially the region of Zadar



Program A - two hours a day. Additional hours can be organized too.
Program B & C - four hours a day. Additional practice and work in
smaller groups can be organized depending on the students' interest.
Program D (depending on the desired duration and intensity of the
course) - at least two hours a day, even more if so requested.

Note: Trips are organized on Saturdays, while on Sundays the
students are free. On holidays students are involved in
cultural program. Lessons start at 9 o'clock.

Boat trips to islands
Literary and musical evenings (meeting young poets and singers)
Natural and cultural sightseeing of Zadar and its surroundings
Sports activities

Very rich cultural program is often offered in Zadar. Apart from
swimming in crystal clear sea and sunbathing at beautiful beaches,
you can take part in various sports activities, such as surfing,
water-skiing, sailing, scuba diving etc. The vicinity of several
national parks attracts the lovers of intact nature (hiking,
mountain climbing, etc.)

Location of the School
In recently decorated building with modern equipment, not far away
from the sea.

in recently decorated building with modern equipment. Exceptionally
accommodation can be organized in a family under the same conditions.

Programs "A" and "D" include single rooms, and programs "B" and "C"
double rooms. We can also arrange a single room/additional 7 US$

Meals Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be organized at the "Iz"
hotel. The prices are very reasonable.

School Board
Director of the program: Dr. Mile Mamic, full professor of the
Contemporary Croatian language, at the University of Zadar

Staff: professors, foreign - language instructors, from the
University of Zadar, and other eminent specialists in the
field of Croatian Studies.

At the very beginning students are divided into groups. The number
of the groups depends of the number on the students and their
knowledge of Croatian. At the end of the course the students have
the final exam and receive the appropriate certificate.

The ancient city of Zadar is situated close to four national parks
and 50 attractive tourist resorts. The region of Zadar covers 1200
kilometers of the picturesque coastline and archipelago of more
than 300 islands and islets rich in peaceful sandy beaches and
numerous little coves and bays.

In its history Zadar passed through different stages of development.
In the 9th c. B.C. Zadar had been known as a settlement of Liburns
(Illyrians). Then it become a Roman colony. Later, Zadar was a
certain time under the Byzantine rule. Since the 9th c.,
well-known as the period of Croatian rulers, the Croats have been
gradually settling in.

A great number of archeological sites, historical and cultural
monuments tell us about the rich history of the city (city walls,
the Roman Forum, numerous early Christian churches, various buildings
dating from Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods,
famous collection of sacral silver and gold objects, etc.). The first
university center, on the eastern Adriatic coast, was founded in Zadar.
The first Croatian novel was written in Zadar(beginning of the 16th c.),
the first Croatian newspapers were published in here, etc.

Program A
School fees 630 USD
Lodgings 500 USD
Trips 70 USD
Total 1.200 USD

Attention: At least 2 students should register for the same course

Program B
School fees 400 USD
Lodgings 200 USD
Trips 50
Total: 650 USD

Program C
School fees 265 USD
Lodgings 135 USD
Trips 30
Total 430 USD

Program D (depending on the desired duration and intensity of the

School fees 14 USD by school hour
Lodgings 12 USD a day
Total 40 USD a day

Attention(concerning expenses):Accommodation for programs "A" and "D"
includes single rooms, and for programs "B" and "C" - double rooms.
It is possible to get a single room/additional 7 USD to be paid a day.
Meals are not mentioned in the price-list, i.e. students choose &
decide on meals they take and pay for them directly. Meals can be
arranged at the hotel "IZ" for less than 10 USD a day/three meals.
Trips are arranged only for participants of group courses.
Participants of individual courses are welcome and can join trips
for an appropriate price.

Fees are to be paid three days after the beginning of course at the
paying desk of LIN-CRO.

Payments accepted in all currencies/according to the equivalent value.

*Attention: If you want to join summer course Program B under
2. /term: July
27 - August 16 2003, we would kindly ask you to apply to:
Croatian Heritage Foundation
Trg S. Radica 3
10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

tel.385 1/61 15 116, fax 385 1/ 61 11 522, e-mail:

Registration fees/deposit(30 USD), in a bank-check addressed to the
Croatian Heritage Foundation, along with your application, should be
forwarded to the named institution not later than a week before the
course is to begin.

Registration/deposit is not refundable.
Remaining costs are to be covered no later than 3 days after the
beginning of the course. Payments are handed to the LIN-CRO
administration assistant.

APPLICATION deadline - one week before the beginning of the course
at the latest.

ADDRESS:LIN-CRO,Varazdinska52A,23000 Zadar,Hrvatska/Croatia
tel./ fax 385/ 23/ 24 13 78;


First & the last name__________________________________________

Date of birth _________________________________________________

Sex ___________________________________________________________

Full Address___________________________________________________

Tel. / Fax _______________________E-mail_______________________

Health insurance number for foreign country ___________________


Which course of Croatian Language do you want to apply for?


(State the course you want and its duration; for program D state the
beginning and duration you want.)

Why do you study Croatian language?


Your knowledge of Croatian:
I. a) beginner
b b) intermediate
c c) advanced

II. a) Comprehension none little good excellent
b) Speaking none little good excellent
c) Reading none little good excellent
d) Writing none little good excellent

Profession ..........................................................

Do you need lodgings?
a) Yes
b) No

Would you like to live with other students in the same residence?

What kind of lodgings do you want?
a) single room
b) double room

Would you like to share a room with the other student from another
linguistic area?
a) Yes
b) No

Signature____________________ Date________________________

CroNetwork: The Croatian-American Organization for Young Professionals.

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