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(E) Conference on Academic and Student Exchange in Zagreb
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/11/2003 | Education | Unrated
(E) Conference on Academic and Student Exchange in Zagreb


Conference on Academic and Student Exchange, 

22-25 May 2003, Zagreb

Conference on Academic and Student Exchange
Conference on Academic and Student Exchange in Europe
May 22-25, 2003, Zagreb, Croatia
Application deadline: April 15, 2003

OBJECTIVES of the conference
§ To enhance cooperation of the SE Europe with the European Union
and with partners internationally;
§ To provide opportunity for the academic staff, university
administrations, professionals internationally in higher
education, and students to meet, exchange information about, and
engage in each others' academic and scientific projects;
§ To consider possibilities and interests for international
student and professor exchange;
§ To consider possibilities for standardization of university
curricula within specific disciplines;
§ To consider existing legislature, and various local, regional,
European and international initiatives devised to promote
international academic exchange and cooperation;
§ To share views and experiences with regard to academic and
scientific development and development strategies, modern trends
in science and higher education, and opportunities and paths to
overcome obstacles in international cooperation and exchange;
§ To build bridges for progress, and continuous and enhanced
academic cooperation in Europe.
Individuals and organizations in the fields of computer science,
mathematics, sciences (biology, ecology, chemistry, physics,
geology, geophysics), International Relations, International Law,
Sociology, independent administrative representatives and higher
education professionals:
§ Academic staff & Scientists (professors and teaching
§ Independent administration representatives;
§ Undergraduate and graduate students;
§ Professionals internationally for higher education issues;
§ Representatives of commercial companies, foundations, and
§ National and International Agencies and Organizations involved
with Higher Education (ministries, agencies, institutes,
foundations, etc.);
§ National and international student organizations and student
§ Other (individuals and organizations).
1. Legal Framework and Infrastructure for Academic and Student
Exchange and Cooperation: Analysis, Opportunities, Perspective
2. Inter-University Academic Staff/ Student Cooperation and
Professor/Student Exchange in Europe and with South East Europe
3. Academic and Student Standards, Students' and Professors'
Rights, Students' Participation in Academic Governing, and
Professor-Student Cooperation
4. Cooperation of Economy and Academic Sector in South East and
Central Europe
More information: 
fax: ++ 385 1 - 3077 250

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