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(E) Dissertation Research in Croatian Diaspora Communities
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/5/2003 | Education | Unrated
(E) Dissertation Research in Croatian Diaspora Communities


Dissertation Research in Croatian Diaspora Communities 

My name is Michael Popovic. I am of half-Croatian and half-German decent born 
in Munich, Germany. Over the years, I have maintained close contact with my 
Croatian family, visiting Croatia virtually every year. In 1998, I emigrated to 
the United States to pursue a doctorate in International Political Economy at 
Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. My research focus is the Croatian 
Diaspora in the United States and Germany. I research and analyze migrational 
patterns; ties between Diaspora members and the homeland; social dynamics 
within Diaspora communities; and economic implications of Diaspora homeland 
interactions. In researching for my dissertation, I have interviewed over 70 
Croatian Diaspora members in Munich, Germany; Detroit, Michigan; and most 
recently St. Louis, Missouri. A number of Croatians in these communities have 
provided me with much valuable information. Without these individuals, I would 
have not been able to conduct my research. I hope this invaluable assistance 
will continue, as I enter the last phase of my studies before completing my 
dissertation at the end of this year. I am now seeking to interview Croats that 
have either already invested in Croatia or are in the process of doing so. This 
can be smaller investments, e.g. an apartment in Zagreb or a house or property 
at the coast; or larger investments, e.g. a company, a hotel, a winery or 
property. These investors can be from all over the United States. I am spending 
the week of April 7 in New York City, and would like to meet with Croatians in 
the area to discuss the investment process and why they decided to invest. I 
would greatly appreciate it if Croatians in New York City would contact me via 
email or telephone to speak about this before my departure on April 14th. 

Please contact me either via email at or leave a 
message on my St. Louis answering machine at (314) 726-9976. I would be more 
than happy to return the call and set up a meeting. Please don’t hesitate to 
contact me if you don’t live in New York, as I’d be happy to interview you over 
the phone at your earliest convenience.



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