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(E) Bramson Ort College, New York
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/21/2003 | Education | Unrated
(E) Bramson Ort College, New York 


Myname is Alexander Vosk, I am promoting educational opportunities to my fellowimmigrants.

Ifeel privileged to be able to present our Bramson Ort College to the CroatianCommunity.

Thefollowing pages contain a general description of why Bramson Ort College is thebest educational chance for the immigrant and ethnic communities of New York.For more information about the college please visit our website at, or give me a call at 718-261-5800 ext.134.

Hereare a few important facts about Bramson Ort College:

·       We accept students of alldifferent ages, nationalities, and religions.

·       We have 61 years of experiencein America successfully teaching students for whom English is a second language.

·        Allqualified students are eligible for Financial Aid Grant money, a combination ofFederal, State, and Bramson Ort s own funds, which never need to be repaid.

·       Those who were unable tograduate from a high school now can earn their diploma while studying for anAssociate Degree at Bramson Ort College.

·        Dueto our strong connections with the business community, we help our graduates toget jobs. Our latest Placement Rate is 81%.

Wehave many interesting, practical, and varied programs available to the immigrantcommunity, which I would be more than happy to discuss with you and your friendsat any scheduled meetings or events, or at your convenience. I look forward tohearing from you, and sharing with you all that Bramson Ort College has tooffer.

Oneof the great offerings: from May 19th through June 6th, we will begiving free English language and Computer basics classes.

Summersemester starts on June 9th. Why wait for the fall!


Alexander Vosk.

718-261-5800 ext.134



ORT,the Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training,was founded in 1880. It operates a worldwide network of over 800 schools andtraining centers with and enrollment of more than 262,000 students in 60countries. In America the Bramson ORT Trade School was established in 1942 toprovide vocational training, and to bring economic self-sufficiency to recentlyarriving Jewish and other refugees and immigrants to the United States. BramsonORT College opened in 1977 to provide quality technical postsecondaryeducation and to meet the educational and career needs of the New Yorkcommunity.


BramsonORT College is a technical college under auspices of AmericanORT, Women'sAmerican ORT and ORTOperations USA . Bramson ORT offers technical education in a caringenvironment.                                                                                                                                  Theprograms offered include Accounting,BusinessManagement, ComputerTechnology,Electronics Technology, Office Technology and starting thisfall Medical Assistance.                          

TheEnglish as a Second Language (ESL) course sequence provides instruction in theEnglish language for the student whose first language is not English. Thesecourses are designed to meet the needs of students with limited English languageproficiency.

Thefaculty and staff of Bramson ORT have dedicated themselves to satisfying theongoing educational and occupational needs of the students by preparing them formeaningful employment, community service, and personal growth.

BramsonORT maintains a relationship between coursework and the workplacethrough the College's Business and Industry Advisory Council. Seminars,discussions, and audio-visual presentations emphasize Bramson's ties with theBusiness community. Students have the opportunity to gain actual work experiencethrough internships and the use of the College's modern laboratories (Internet,Multimedia, Job Search).

TheBramson ORT Library Media Resource Center contains a variety of materials, withspecial emphasis given to supporting the curricula. A professional library staffoffers assistance and guidance to students, and maintains an up-to-datecollection.

BramsonORT College is chartered by the Board of Regents of The University of the Stateof New York. All Associate Degree (60 credits, up to two years), Certificate (30credits), and Diploma (15credits) programs are registered by the New York StateEducation Department. Bramson ORT is governed by a Board of Trustees and is anot-for-profit educational institution.


TheCollege admits students with a high school diploma or an equivalency diploma whoseek challenging careers in Accounting, Business Management, ComputerTechnology, Electronics Technology, Office Technology and Medical Assistance. Inorder to be eligible for admission to Bramson ORT College a student must be ahigh school graduate or equivalent. Thosewho were unable to graduate from a high school now can earn their diploma whilestudying for an Associate Degree at Bramson Ort College.Bramson Ort isauthorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant foreign students, whichenables foreign citizens to get a legal status to obtain quality Americaneducation.

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