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(E) Fulbright Fellow @ Harvard seeking additional Scholarship
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/20/2003 | Education | Unrated
(E) Fulbright Fellow @ Harvard seeking additional Scholarship


Fulbright fellow stipend at Harvard University

looking for additional scholarship.


Can you help her? (op-ed)

Hello Nenad !

I am writing to you from Croatia and was recently awarded a one year Fulbright research fellow stipend at Harvard University and begin studies in September.
Unfortunately the grant is not that much money and will barely cover accommodation and utilities. In order to qualify for additional grant money I have been researching alternative possibilities vis-a-vis supplemental grants.
I know of something called the Balokovic Scholarship because an acquaintance of mine from Croatia was a recipient a few years ago, also at Harvard. Maja Jelusic mentioned that she met a gentleman associated with the Balokovic Foundation when she was working for the NFCA two years ago.
Unfortunately, she does not have the contact information anymore, but mentioned you may know more.
Additionally, if you know of any other grants available, would very much appreciate if you let me know.
My thesis topic is: A Cost Benefit Analysis of Croatian Membership in NATO. I did my undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Toronto and previously, I worked for the Croatian Embassy in the US (Washington, DC).
I hope this information has helped you out some, and I hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards from Zagreb.

Ms. Mirella-Marie Radman
PfP Coordinator
NATO and PfP Directorate
Defense Policy Division M-1
Office of the Assistant Minister for Defense Policy
Trg Petra Kresimira 4/III Kat, Soba 308
Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia
Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
Tel: +385 1 4621 321
Tel: +385 1 4567 280
Cell:+385 91 455 2333
Fax: +385 1 4551 754
Fax: +385 1 4567 593

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