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(E) Croatian FOLK MUSIC Workshop
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/28/2004 | Education | Unrated
(E) Croatian FOLK MUSIC Workshop









Organizer: Croatian Heritage Foundation,

Co-organizers: Ethnology and Folklore Institute,

                         Croatian Music Centre,

Project manager:Melita Matijević,

Place: Čakovec

Time: July 11-18, 2004

Number of expected participants: 20


This workshop is to present the music of northwestern Croatia (the Međimurje region) and to explore the possibilities of its application within the context of Croatian folk music.


It is going to contribute to the preservation and development of cultural tradition in Croatian communities around the world and introduce this inspiring part of Croatian cultural legacy to musicians worldwide.


The characteristics of Međimurje's music are single-voiced choruses with emphasys on the melody's emotional dimension expressed with the harmonic minor scale accompanied by authentic instruments such as tamburitza, cetra and cémbalo.


The diversity, beauty and vividness of this music are closely linked with true values, i.e. nature and tradition that help sustain this kind of art which makes a part of  popular contemporary culture.


           Folk music workshop is divided into three sections:


I.                  Study of theory - lectures on different topics /musicological field of Croatian folk music

-         regional overview of Croatian traditional music

-         collecting, documenting and publishing of traditional folk poetry

(from 19th century on)

-         connection between  world music and traditional music

-         Croatian folk music scene

-         traditional music of Međimurje

-         classification of traditional Međimurje songs on the basis of form and        content

-         traditional musical instruments of Croatia



II.               Practice- a modern perception of the traditional:



-         performing Međimurje folk songs (learning choruses and verses, arrangement and practise of musical back-up)

-     use of instruments in traditional music

-         use of traditional instruments in folk music



-         meeting the musicians

-         meeting the cultural organizations

-         visiting the wind instruments orchestra

-         visiting the music instrument workshop of craftsman Vladimir Proskurnjak



       III.      Extracurricular activities:

                   -   documentary film shows related to the workshops        

                   -   sightseeing tour of Međimurje ( visiting the Museum of Međimurje          

                        in Čakovec)

 -   excursion to Zagreb/qualified guides (sightseeing, visiting the                 

      Zagreb City Museum and the Etnographical Museum)



We invite all folk music lovers to our workshop headed by top Croatian folkmusicologists and musicians (Lidija Bajuk, Stjepan Večković, etc…).


Every voice and instrument is most welcome!




The participants will be accomodated in hotels (Aurora  and Japa). All participants will have lunch & dinner  in the Aurora hotel. Participants accomodated in the Japa hotel will have breakfast. Both hotels are located in the immediate centre.


Čakovec is a typical mid - European small town. Its city centre is well- preserved and its citizens are proud of its rich cultural & historical legacy. Just as well, Čakovec has many modern coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, bars and its visitors have various sporting facilities at their disposal, such as horse- riding, tennis, darts, and the town's swimming leisure centre.


Price list


The entire program costs 360 per person.


Price includes:

 - Accomodations in Čakovec: the Aurora hotel or the Japa hotel/6 days

Double rooms/3 meals/tourist tax

 - Accomodations in Zagreb: the Dora hotel/1 day

- Double rooms/bed&breakfast/tourist tax

- Qualified guides, expert lecturers, visiting the wind instruments orchestra, the music instrument workshop and some other interesting cultural organizations

- Bus transportation (Zagreb-Čakovec-Zagreb)

- Two study trips (countryside around Čakovec)

- Sightseeing of Zagreb (Upper & Lower Town)

- Touring museums



Payment to the Croatian Heritage Foundation:


Application form and the 100 deposit has to be  received by the Croatian Heritage Foundation no later than June 10, 2004. The rest of the payment (260) should be received by the CHF office on July 11, 2004 at the latest. The cheque must be addressed to the Croatian Heritage Foundation.



                  The participants can pay:


A)     via bank cheque mailed to the address:

Hrvatska matica iseljenika

      (for the Folk Art Workshop)

      Trg Stjepana Radića 3

      10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

      tel. ++385 1 61 15 116, fax.++385 1 61 11 522


B)     via bank payment to the address:

      Privredna banka Zagreb

      (za Hrvatsku maticu iseljenika/Folk Art Workshop)

      Račkoga 6, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


      CHF bank-account number:





                 This workshop is intended for adults over 18.


                 In case of less than 10 applicants,  the Croatian Heritage Foundation

                 reserves the right to cancel the program and refunds the entire payment.




Applications must be sent to the following address: Croatian Heritage Foundation, Trg Stjepana Radića 3, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, fax.++385 1 61 11 522



Travel arrangements:


Departure from Zagreb to Čakovec: July 11, 2004 in the afternoon Meeting place: in front of the «Vatroslav Lisinski» Concert Hall

                   Return to Zagreb from Koprivnica: July 17, 2004 in the forenoon


For additional information, please contact:

Hrvatska matica iseljenika (Croatian Heritage Foundation)

Odjel za kulturno-prosvjetne djelatnosti i šport

(Culture, Education & Sports Dept.)

Mrs. Melita Matijević

Trg Stjepana Radića 3

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

tel.++385 1/6115 116, fax ++385 1/6111 522 


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