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(E) Croatian NAIVE ART Workshop
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/28/2004 | Education | Unrated
(E) Croatian NAIVE ART Workshop









Organizer: Croatian Heritage Foundation

Co-organizer: Josip Generalić Gallery of Hlebine

Project manager: Melita Matijević,

Place: Hlebine

Time: June 20-27, 2004

Number of expected participants: 20



We invite you to participate in a truly exeptional new project; a Croatian naive art painting workshop organized in cooperation with the Josip Generalić gallery in Hlebine, in the Podravina region.



With this project we are hoping to raise the interest of people of Croatian descent and other lovers of Croatian naive art for one of the most representative features of Croatian identity in the world. In addition we hope to teach people the technique of glass painting.


Naive art, under the name Hlebinska škola has been present in the Croatian art history since the early 1930s. It originates from the small village of Hlebine, situated in the pictoresque region of Podravina, between the Drava river and the Bilogora mountain, a village which claims its worldwide fame as the birthplace of genuine Croatian naive art. It is no accident that Croatian naive art originated from the countryside. In Podravina's dormant and quiet landscape it thrived through works of our naive painters as an exeptional combination of the region's landscape, soil and people- as a testimony of the unbreakable bondage between nature and man.


The Hlebinska škola gathered many Croatian naive painters. One of them was Ivan Generalić who made a breakthrough for our naive art with his Paris exhibition in the 1950s. The exhibition of Croatian naive painters in the Museum of Fine Arts in St.Petersburg, Florida in the year 2000 proved that the interest for naive art hasn't faded. »Croatian naive painting is something that cannot be blotted out. Its signature is firmly stamped on Podravina's plains, as well as on the entire Croatian art…», - these were the words of Ivan Večenaj, the famous naive art painter.



Naive art painting workshop is organized in three sections:


I.      Study of theory - with the following lectures:

-         Croatian naive art within a context (Vladimir Goss, Ph.D.)

      2 lectures

-        Croatian naive art on the trail of avanguard (Mrs. Ljiljana Domić)

      2 lectures


II.         Practice

- demonstration of the glass-painting art

- painting plans

- drawing on given subject matter (on paper- a sketch for glass painting)

- composition

- motif

- color tones

- aerial view (the relation of colors in the plans)

- meeting famous naive painters

- field class (the so called»gallery roads»)

- exhibition of the finished works



             III.  Extracurricular activities:

                 -  sightseeing tour of Podravina, getting to know the local customs

          -  excursion to Zagreb/qualified guides  (sightseeing, visiting the Zagreb City   

             Museum and the Museum of Naive Art, meeting one of the outstanding   living naive painters)



With this project we are hoping to raise interest among people of Croatian backgrund, their children and other naive painting lovers from around the world  who want to learn about our naive art and the technique of glass-painting.


Prominent Croatian naive painters and art historians will introduce the participants to the magnificent world of Croatian naive painting, revealing a truly exeptional area of artistic creation.



Welcome to the amazing world of naive painting!





The participants will be accomodated in the B- category Podravina hotel in Koprivnica, situated in the city's centre. The hotel provides a truly traditional atmosphere of the Podravina region.  For relaxing, there is a gym and a bowling alley in the hotel's vicinity.


Koprivnica is situated in the very heart of the Podravina region, in an area close to many large mid-European towns, and it has grown as a free town since 1356. The city is the capital of the Podravina and Prigorje region and an important economical and cultural destination.


Koprivnica has a lot to offer to its guests - a variety of restaurants, clubs and numerous sporting facilities. Its geographical location and natural environment (the untouched landscape rich with meadows, forrests, hills, river Drava's brooks and small lakes) make this place a tempting destination for tourists.


The workshop will take place in the village of Hlebine (12 kilometers from Koprivnica), in a quiet, pictoresque landscape on the family property of Josip Generalić, the famous Croatian naive art painter.

Price list


The entire program costs 400 € per person:

1. Tuition fee  - 150 €

2. Additional expenses /CHF  -  250 €



1.  The tuition includes:

  -   learning the art of glass painting (5 days)

  -   tutoring of the painter Ivan Generalić and his co-workers

  -   meetings with Podravina's painters and study visits to their studios

  -   glass materials for the painting

  -   certificate after the finished course


2.     Additional CHF expenses:

                     -  food and accomodation in the «Podravina» hotel - double room

                     -  bed and breakfast in the «Dora» hotel in Zagreb (double room/upon return)

                     -  turist tax

                     -  painting materials (oil colors, brushes, terpentine, etc. )

                     -  round- trip bus transport (Zagreb- Koprivnica, excursion to the Koprivnica countryside, daily bus transport ( Koprivnica-Hlebine- Koprivnica / 5 days)

  -  expert – guided city sightseeing (Zagreb/ Upper Town & Lower Town), study

     visits to museums



Tuition payments

Tuition payments (150€) must be sent at least two weeks before the workshop begins, i. e., by June 5, 2004 to one of the following addresses:


A)     via your bank to -  

Erstesteiermärkische Bank

(for Mr. Ivan Generalić/ Naive Art Painting Workshop)

Nemčićeva 1, 48 000 Koprivnica, Croatia

Bank-account number:

2402006-1031262160  7190058837




B)     in cash immediately upon arrival in Hlebine (in kunas according to the exchange rate valid on the day of payment)


Payment to the Croatian Heritage Foundation:

Application form and the 100€ deposit must be received by the Croatian Heritage Foundation no later than  May 20, 2004. The remaining fees (150€) should be  received by the CHF office on June 20, 2004 at the latest . The cheque must be addressed to the Croatian Heritage Foundation.



The participants can pay:


A)     via bank cheque mailed to the address:

Hrvatska matica iseljenika

(for the Naive Painting Workshop)

Trg Stjepana Radića 3

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

tel. ++385 1 61 15 116, fax. ++385 1 61 11 522


B)      via bank payment to the address:

Privredna Banka Zagreb

(za Hrvatsku maticu iseljenika / Naive Painting Workshop)

Račkoga 6, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


CHF bank-account number:




                         The workshop is intended for adults over 18.

                          In the case that fewer than 10 participants apply for the program, the Croatian Heritage Foundation reserves the right to cancel the program and refunds the entire payment.





Application forms must be sent directly to our address: Croatian Heritage Foundation, Trg Stjepana Radića 3, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, fax.++385 1 61 11 522



                  Travel arrangements:


Departure from Zagreb to Koprivnica: June 20, 2004 in the afternoon

Meeting place:in front of the «Vatroslav Lisinski» Concert Hall

Return to Zagreb from Koprivnica:  June 26, 2004 in the forenoon



                   For additional information, please contact:

Hrvatska matica iseljenika (Croatian Heritage Foundation)

Odjel za kulturno-prosvjetne djelatnosti i šport (Culture, Education &

Sports Dept.)

Mrs. Melita Matijević

Trg Stjepana Radića 3

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

tel.++385 1/6115 116, fax ++385 1/6111 522


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