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(H,E) Our people in top 5% - Nasi Ljudi
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/30/2004 | Education | Unrated
(H,E) Our people in top 5% - Nasi Ljudi



Ovo pise direktor Graduate School u Milwaukee, WI, USA:

This is written by Director Gradute of School

Greetings: It has been awhile since we last communicated, but I wanted to let you know that last week Marko and Jasna passed the PHD Qualifying examination which is the biggest hurdle in the grind to the degree. They were both outstanding and clearly in the top 5% of all graduate students here over the past 25 years. Very soon they will be a great asset to Physiology in Croatia. Helen and I are doing very well. A month ago we spent 3 weeks in China which was a fantastic experience. However we will not be coming to Croatia this year. I know you are enjoying time in that great house you have on the sea. It brings back very pleasant memories.
I hope all is well. Bert

Molim primite na znanje kakvi su (to dvoje ali i drugi, svi) nasi ljudi i - tako postupajte.
Tamo ima jos mjesta.

Matko Marusic
Croatian Medical Journal
Zagreb University School of Medicine
Salata 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: + 385 1 4566 782; fax: ++ 4590 222


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