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(E) Njiric, one of the three leading architects at the Trieste conference
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/7/2005 | Education | Unrated
(E) Njiric, one of the three leading architects at the Trieste conference


Voyage Through Europe: International Conference In Trieste

RIBA President George Ferguson joined representatives and delegates of other professional architectural organisations at a European and global level, taking part in a significant international conference in Trieste on 27 and 28 May: Voyage Through Europe: Architectural experiences, visions and realities.

The aim of the conference was to explore future work prospects and discuss professionals working outside their country of origin, as set out by European directives and policies. Key political and administrative figures discussed their future projects, amongst which three leading architects - Richard Rogers, Carlos Ferrater from Spain and Hrvoje Njiric fromCroatia - talked about their varied experiences in the countries in which they are active. A unique opportunity to compare different European realities, the conference opened up debate on the future of the architectural profession in all its ramifications.

The conference encouraged solidarity and thinking in the light of increased cross border activity, underlining the need to share knowledge on common issues such as professional practice, regulations, sustainability and education and training. The conference also illustrated the necessity of reaching a European consensus on the quantitative and qualitative standards of architectural education, including the promotion of Continuous Professional development programmes at all levels.

Taking into account the enlargement of the European Union, a revision of the working structures of the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) was finalised.

George Ferguson, President of the RIBA said: “It was a great European occasion in a very fine city, for which special thanks should go to RIBA member Luciano Lazzari - President of the local chapter and the driving force behind the conference. The Manifesto for Architecture raised considerable interest with several countries talking of emulating it. It was even suggested we should consider a European version. There was particular interest in the issue of Procurement of Projects and the notion of a smarter way of employing PPP or PFI to put design at the front of the process.�

Posted 7th June 2005

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